Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some things just don't last forever..

I'm pretty sure we've all had one best friend or good friend that 5 years later isn't so much of a friend anymore..if you haven't, lucky you! cause i've seen most of it and can't wait to see what else life has to throw at me.
Well this all just dawned on me after a good friend i had about four years ago referred to me as 'this chick' lol.. now i don't have a problem with that or anything but it just really told me that the old days where we used to hang out and get into trouble together are over...And I asked myself..where we really friends or is it instances that brought us closer that made us think we were friends...Cause now that I think about it, there was never a time where she had my back in any was mostly getting together to see how we were gonna try and trick our parents into going for parties. we never spoke about our goals or how much we like this guy and hate the other...And I really thought we were friends till now.. funny how the word 'chick' can bring back memories huh! LOL...I tried to keep in touch when we separated but communication is two way thing folks if you're the only one doing the calling..then the receiver really doesn't care about you. So with that particular friend now, its only about saying hi when we meet each other. I guess what i'm saying is people will come and go, some will leave footprints in your heart and others scars. Its either you will learn something from them or from the experience you had with them. Savour the friendships you have now cause as much as long distance relationships are hard, long distance friendships are just as hard.
In all that i still have a friend  no a sister from another mother who has been there from time immemorial till today. I haven't seen her in 3 years but its hard to notice cause we talk and text everyday and skype whenever we have time...So there are some relationships that are meant to last. Oh her name's Azie and I can't wait to go to MN to throw down her 21st. I feel its gonna be pretty emotional.
Excluding her cause she's more of family than a friend, I can count only very few friends that I have. With all my heart I love and appreciate them cause they inspire me in ways that they do not know. (i should do a post on them hmmm ideas!) I know some I probably haven't met and some might forget me in years to come...but for now i'll live in the moment cause some things just don't last forever...#truestory!

4 comments on "Some things just don't last forever.."
  1. Hun such is life. Cee tee, I got betrayed by my best friend two years ago and swore Neva to label anyone a best friend. Some people dnt value friendship so it aint ur fault boo.

  2. I know iknow..its sad tho cause some of those people you actually treasured..if it aint life to throw things at ya...! Who's this by the way??lol And pls follow me lol :)

  3. hihhihihihihi!!!! oya follow oh! i don't see u on my thing yet.


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