Saturday, October 27, 2012


I came across this the other day and they couldn't have put it in any better way!

"you meeting him/her right after your break-up
him/her being more pleasant than your 'ex' 
does not always 
A new Relationship"

I'm no Dr. Phil on love but the worse thing will be to jump into another relationship once you get out of one. No matter who did what, if you truly loved that person a sad movie and a night of destroying the pics won't be enough. On the average its a 3 month period lease granted that the ex is nowhere in your sight! if not its a lot harder (and no this is not from experience)
But in those 3 months of sadness we are vulnerable to that guy or girl who lends a hand and gets us coffee cause we're sad..or is just there to listen..sometimes something good comes out of it and other times well, we regret it. And BAM! 2 mistakes in a row..and then we go into a phase and say relationships are not for you etc etc ...
We let ourselves down that way! 
Opening up to someone is a process, trusting someone is a process...People Rome was not built in one day! Love takes time to grow and same enough it takes time to heal. Btw if that guy/girl you loved left you or it just didn't work out then honey boo boo they are not yours you were keeping someone else's property! And guess what ?? they just claimed it!
So before you go boo hopping take a while to sit back and think about you're doing...Cause i don't know about y'all, but let me put it this way i've been through my share of and only the thought of it ugh :/.
Relationships once stable are amazing but we don't need one to survive we need AIR! 

PS: if you absolutely need a rebound guy at least go with a FIONEEEE one that you could look back at and say hmm i had taste lol  but remember you can't keep having rebound guys to cover up your exes cause then you'll never know where to stop.

Hope i did Dr. Phil a little bit of justice :)
And now back to studying diff eq and circuits! gotta beast this exams tomorrow.


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