Thursday, March 28, 2013

Healthy Pays!

I came across this video this week and if this didn't motivate me to go to the gym idk what will..(even though my lazy behind is still sitting here). Past 50, most women give up on healthy eating habits and taking good care of themselves cause as they put it (i'm old). Its all about how you feel though and what makes you feel good. Personally i want to be like this at 70..are u kidding me? i can't stand a zit on my face( even though i have plenty) how much more wrinkles? 
where we have a problem is erm she's vegetarian! yeah that won't work with me i live for meat...give up ribs and chicken and fish? yeah not happening. i don't know how she gets protein maybe supplements. Either way its food for thought...
I'm going with gym and eating healthy occasional burgers once or twice ;) (homemade burgers are much healthier though every thing's fresh). If you can do this kuddos to you. i'll be here eating meat for the both of us. 
PS: making your own fresh juice at home that's a plus plus! That i can do!Try blending mango, pineapple and freshly squized orange juice...delicioso!

What's your healthy regimen??? share share share!

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