Thursday, March 28, 2013

Treat Yoself!

So i went in for mini photo shoot mainly head shots.. had a blast! tried giving different expressions not sure how much i succeeded but oh well.... Out of like 50+ these are my faves ;)..The struggle to be consistent and photogenic at the same time smh! Hopefully i'll be like COCO ROCHA someday...100+ different expressions in a minute that's a killer!


Got my nails done with gel nail polish! do not regret it at all. Its been a week and it hasn't chipped. HALLELUJAH! lol...cost me $15 not bad compared to other places. And yes those are my real nails ;)

Got my eyebrows threaded for the first time too! If i had my way i wouldn't even do them lol but since they so disorganized gotta do what i gotta do. 
I get irritations from waxing so i went on a new adventure! They both hurt only the waxing is a lot faster lol with threading you gotta endure the pain. #diaryofawoman. Again, THE STRUGGLE!

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