Saturday, November 16, 2013

Relationships VS Situationships

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So from talking to different people about their experiences there's two things that happen between a man and woman ( or same sex if you'd have it); a relationship and a situation hence Situationship. A relationship is a COMMITMENT (emphasis on that word) between two people. One that should not be broken unless done mutually. A situationship is a lack of commitment where one is really just in the middle of a situation. Say cheating with him/her for example. They did not think to leave their partners for you and most likely won't pick you even when they're done with the partners. So quit with all the he loves me more than he loves her bullshit and get yourself together. Cause at the end of the day he ain't your man/woman therefore you are NOT in a relationship. Plus if they can cheat with you they'll cheat on you! Then there's the occasional or shall I say frequent booty callers? I lack words to even express my opinion about this but honey if you guys only have to meet after dark? Erm yeah you're in a bit of a situation.

I'm really not trying to preach to the choir! But there's people who don't even realize they're in a situation till waaaaay later when they realize they've been standing on the same spot, he still hasn't divorced his wife/ broken up with his gf. Or all they've been doing for a year is hanging out at his crib after hours and he's still saying i'm not ready to be commited or some other BS story they have (They're slick as hell). Stop adding your wahala and find you someone who's gonna treat you right! Avoid situations!

As hard as it maybe, the wait is worth the while. And no I do not speak out of experience but out of hope :) (But one day it will be out of experience *chuckles*)

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