Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Somehow..I'm still standing!


                      "We cannot change the cards we are dealt with,                                                                      
                                             Just how we play the game" - Randy Pausch 

Hard to believe this will be my last post in 2014.. It feels like only yesterday I was writing my last post for last year on this same couch in the basement of my aunts house watching TV. Time does fly by and everything goes by so fast. Almost like how you dish out so much food in your plate and you're convinced you won't finish it but somehow you wipe that plate clean in no time (Did that even relate? oh well).
Monday, September 29, 2014

Second chances?! Nah

                    "If I got rid of my demons,                                       
                                              I'll loose my angels too"
  I know it's been a minute since I've been here but y'all this school ish is the realest.. Like the struggle is super real but nothing I can't handle (this is where you say Amen if you didn't already). However, had this convo with a good friend ( MM) and something struck me that I just had to write about. We were talking about birthdays and 'old age' and wondering what we would have done different if given the chance...At that point it hit me when I thought Yeah! I made some pretty dumb choices in the past and it will be great to be given a chance to erase them and make them better but then due to those dumb choices I grew into this awesome (yes I think i'm awesome, if I don't who else will?) lady because of the lessons I learnt from those experiences. I built my resilience towards things that happen in life and I know my WORTH.  If I went back and changed everything, I would not have grown into who I am..I will be way less experienced and less confident in what I can handle. So the question is, do I want to have all my mistakes erased and still be a learner (get it? lol) ? Or do I want to remain the phenominal person I'm growing into? My answer: The latter! I wouldn't change a damn thing! Yes, some experiences were pretty bad but I made it and I'm still here..And I learnt and I grew and now I know waaaay better.
Saturday, August 9, 2014

Point Of Light

Our point of lights....

I recently watched Tyler Perry's video where he spoke about point of lights! And it enlightened me in so many ways that I just had to share.

Most times we miss out on the best moments in life because they only lasts but for a minute or so. I always say its the little things in life that count.

We will come across people in our lives that we will see perhaps only that one time, but what they do for us we will remember for eternity.  As Maya (RIP) rightly said;  I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.'

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Best.

This was one of those 'let's take one for the gram' that turned into a ' let's do one for the blog' typa thing ;). Hope y'all are having a blessed Sunday.

Remember: If you have nothing to be thankful for, check your pulse! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

OOTD: Leopard

It's just one of those days that even though its a 100 degrees outside, you just have to take a picture..and then one picture turns into a mini photo shoot. I know most of y'all can relate! and out of the 50 you (or in this case I) take, you only like about 8 but for the sake of the post I added a couple that were 'meh'.

I have the most sensitive eyes in the world! (okay maybe not the world but they're so sensitive) Whenever there's the least ray of sunlight outside I need shades or I keep my head down if not tears roll down my eyes.... Whoever invented shades is a genius!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Own You!

You've probably seen this quote before but allow me to reiterate and if you haven't well now you have;
                                  "Be yourself, 
                                                everyone else is taken" - Oscar Wilde
Something always prompts me to write and so here I am after todays' rush of inspiration. An older friend of mine came across my blog and her message to me was seriously touching. Words cannot express the inner joy I felt mostly because all that I write is either  how I see life through my own lens or my personal experience. Most of the time its the latter. To think that I can inspire another is nothing short of an accomplishment for me. My all time role model is Oprah Winfrey ! (or as Tyler will say Oprah freaking Winfrey) phenomenal woman and my lifes' goal is to one day inspire others as she has me.

So allow me to revert to my quote...It is okay to admire someone but note and know that you can never be that person cause were meant to be you. For example, no one could pull off Janelle Monae ( And I use her cause heaven knows I envy her style! she's BAD) as much she can and thats only because she's her and I could go on to list many others. Now ain't no wrong in picking up a style, trait etc, however, the secret is to do it with a double dose of feel me?! In whatever you do, make it yours! OWN IT. Let it fit your personality and say who you are... Cause no two people are the same and no two will ever be the same. You just never know who is watching and what could come out of just being you. Hate it or love it, someone will always be prettier, smarter, richer, skinnier, thicker etc but the one thing they'll never be is YOU.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Question: Are you ready?!

I had to laugh when I actually decided to write this out. I was at the gym on my usual elliptical you know burning 1/4 of the calories I took in today away just to feel better and text messaging my long time high school friend...when we wondered off to how it seems everyone around us was getting jobs or busy doing something or just having their lives fall in place and it seemed like we were just pretty much here doing nothing. After bashing ourselves and talking about our own plans which are still to come to pass...the moment that followed was almost magical well atleast for me... and I looked in the mirror ahead of me and smiled. Now this does NOT happen. Usually after I realize everyone is on the prowl I hit myself hard and fall into this depression stage and ask God why it had to me of all children to let my parents' down or as my african people go talk abi 'disgrace' lol. but today was different..I looked in the mirror and smiled and just seem to realize that my time is coming until then I keep working and I keep praying.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Miami for two!

Destination ----> Mexance!!

The much deserved Spring break is sadly coming to an end...Sun, beaches, draankksss, food etc you name it, it happened! I now call Miami, Mexance (get it??) cause I either felt like I was in Mexico or France lol Spanish and French EVERYWHERE! Our condo was full of zeee French I wasn't mad though we blended in just fine lol. First time in Miami and believe me the hype is real! If you haven't already been..I strongly recommend. Go fully loaded though, very fully loaded lol!

Anyhu so I wish I had more pics of the names of places but I got sidetracked by having fun and people watching that half the time I forgot I had a camera lol...Plus I forgot the charger(More interested in packing shorts) so we were saving the battery.

Disclaimer: picture OVERLOAD!

Day one...Testing the camera ;)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I am not Beautiful YET!

Like success, Beautiful is a word that lies in the hand of the beholder or 'beholdee' (totally made that up). The dictionary cannot simply dictate what it is. In this case it is honestly, "To each their own".

I will of course talk about my definition of the vague word Beautiful but before I do, allow me to say that to me, this is in no way a synonym to pretty, hot, sexy, smashing and ( Insert word).  You're probably thinking (or not but i'll tell you anyways ;) ) how I came up with this. A friend tagged me on a post that said "Tag someone you think is beautiful" while it warmed my heart, I replied saying "funny thing is I do not think I am beautiful".

Monday, February 10, 2014

Birthday Post!

                               Nothing is free. Not even age. Age is the price we pay for life. Life isn't
                              replaceable, its a gift that we pay with age. What we do therefore matters.

Words cannot begin to describe the joy and love I feel in me! I'm a huge sucker for birthdays. I believe we are opportuned to see a new era, a new page in our lives something that so many take for granted. To round it up, I feel blessed and highly favored.

 I will try to not make this post the longest post ever ( That will be a TASK!) but I do need to include un peu de tout ;)

My birthday started on the 8th to say the least. Officially launched by my mom! She gets the award for most active mom on Facebook on the 8th :). Texting me trying to figure out how to post pics on my wall and all that LOL gotta love her :) and a call all the way from SA from one of the most phenomenal ladies I know Koryn! She tried singing lol noticed I said tried ( Love youuu KO)! I cannot forget the love from my bestie Ebenye at midnight in London, she sang too well semi sang lol (loveee u too boooo) yes! yes! yes! I'm international ;)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pre- Birthday!

                                You are only young once, 
                                                     but you can be immature for a long time.

     A favorite birthday tradition of mine is ...wait for it.... A Photoshoot ;) (don't judge lol). Figured i'll just do fun fun fun! So this is not Bazaar or vogue material lol take it easy on me with your critiques!  I'm getting old y'all and as much as I am blessed to very soon see a new year, I am scared of what the future holds for me. Anyhu I'll rant on that later. For now, enjoy ;)

Mommy and daddys, lil girl today, tomorrow and always!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Lately( for a year now) when hit with the, "why are you still single?" question which quite frankly has become boring! My answer as always is, "I'm looking for ambition" so this dear friend of mine goes "...but James (made up name) is in med school"....Now while being in med school is not a bad thing but it does not always scream ambitious. That does not quite make sense yet but allow me to explain.

Ambition (at least for me) is when someone talks about their career with a passion that draws you in. So much so that you want to be there when they get to that level. You want to be a part of it. When asked, "what's your goal or 5 year plan?" in a heart beat they will list it all and leave you mesmerized. They do not necessarily have to be there at that point yet but just have the zeal. You graduate with a 4.0 YAY! Good for're smart! heck I envy you with every bone in my body but that does not necessarily make you ambitious.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!

Caution: long post ahead!

New years for me started at 6:00pm! Got calls and texts from my dada, sister, bestie and my dear friends...All had me feeling some typa way lol And I (Almost) cried! Was a lil teary eyed. Aieeee but its a new year, its a new day and i'm feeling GOOD! Before I go on a picture overload....In the spirit of New year resolutions...Here you go! Thank me later ;)

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