Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pre- Birthday!

                                You are only young once, 
                                                     but you can be immature for a long time.

     A favorite birthday tradition of mine is ...wait for it.... A Photoshoot ;) (don't judge lol). Figured i'll just do fun fun fun! So this is not Bazaar or vogue material lol take it easy on me with your critiques!  I'm getting old y'all and as much as I am blessed to very soon see a new year, I am scared of what the future holds for me. Anyhu I'll rant on that later. For now, enjoy ;)

Mommy and daddys, lil girl today, tomorrow and always!

This is for all my friends who refuse to believe I have a muffin top AKA michelin tire! Peep it very well oh! That struggle is real lol
A lil drama to it maybe?! 

Bet you thought i wasn't gonna show you my shoe game! Ha!

Oh stop it! ;)

Lil miss sunshine

IREP KAMER Always :) #237
Cameroon o'bosso???!!! <respond below si t'es Camerounais/sse>

Gotta have one of these!

Don't cry! it's almost over.....;)

Not a big fan of this one! but erm peep my nails tho :D

    Yes! you made it to the end ;) ...And that concludes the preview :)... Which one/ones made your fave list?!
PS: Watch out for the actual birthday post!

4 comments on "Pre- Birthday!"
  1. Eske man fit try you? Defs didn't expect that shoe game...cute tho. Happy Birthday again ohhhh its officially over and yet officially begining. #237allday.
    Peace and Love ~ Nubi4n_Queen ;)

    1. Hahahhahhaahah It really only is beginning ;)!! Cheers to better years! Thanks twinnniieeeee! #237alldayeveryday

  2. Beauty at its highest.


I appreciate your comments :)

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