Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Own You!

You've probably seen this quote before but allow me to reiterate and if you haven't well now you have;
                                  "Be yourself, 
                                                everyone else is taken" - Oscar Wilde
Something always prompts me to write and so here I am after todays' rush of inspiration. An older friend of mine came across my blog and her message to me was seriously touching. Words cannot express the inner joy I felt mostly because all that I write is either  how I see life through my own lens or my personal experience. Most of the time its the latter. To think that I can inspire another is nothing short of an accomplishment for me. My all time role model is Oprah Winfrey ! (or as Tyler will say Oprah freaking Winfrey) phenomenal woman and my lifes' goal is to one day inspire others as she has me.

So allow me to revert to my quote...It is okay to admire someone but note and know that you can never be that person cause well..you were meant to be you. For example, no one could pull off Janelle Monae ( And I use her cause heaven knows I envy her style! she's BAD) as much she can and thats only because she's her and I could go on to list many others. Now ain't no wrong in picking up a style, trait etc, however, the secret is to do it with a double dose of you..you feel me?! In whatever you do, make it yours! OWN IT. Let it fit your personality and say who you are... Cause no two people are the same and no two will ever be the same. You just never know who is watching and what could come out of just being you. Hate it or love it, someone will always be prettier, smarter, richer, skinnier, thicker etc but the one thing they'll never be is YOU.

Still working on this bod! And it is NOT easy lol

I apologize for my bra straps but I luh this pic so I had to ;)

I heard music and said 'hold up! wait a minute'

Yeah I wasn't done writing :D..My summer did not turn out how I planned it to be..not sure why i'm surprised lol things never turn out how I plan them to be especially in my life! But I've chosen to make the best of it and I hope to use this approach towards life in general. All that matters is, I am not where I was yesterday (can the crowd say amen?!)! As long as; I got my God, my eyes on the prize and I know where i'm headed..I have all I need.

                                            ' The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal,
                                                                        The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach'- Benjamin Mays


4 comments on "Own You!"
  1. I really love this particular blog, we all need this pep talk once in a while. I heard ur secrete, so yeah, brace up cuz am giving this comment a double dose of me. Very few times do people get life their way or how they planned it to be, and that has nothing to do with who we are. Nevertheless for the most part something better (even though we hardly realize it is) comes along, and gets us through. We see the next day, the next and the one after, and even though we may wish it different or "better" we forget to realize there was no guarantee our "way" was going to bring us to the next day nor the day after. Am not going to pull this comment any longer than it already is, talking bout which way is better ours or God's neither am I going to talk about how pretty these images look, or how radiant ur skin turns out when in the sun's light, or how the look on ur face makes me sweaty and warm in my man regions,....NO! am not. LoL. Okay I think it's probably best I stop typing now, think I just made this proper weird lol
    Ooh! lest I forget, btw I no bi a member of the crowd or congregation, I dey choir, but anyhow Amen! ;) Cheers!

    1. Hahahahhaha Anom allow me to laugh before I get serious! if those were compliments, Thank you! It warms my heart :). As regards the matter at hand, it is true that the next day will meet us whether we like it or not so its up to us to live through it or exist in it. Thanks for giving me a double dose of you! As always your comment is very much appreciated.

  2. aye ur blog came up on my notifications on my phone I was like Okay... my sis is representing everywhere.. keep it up cherie


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