Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Goal Priorities

                               "...........put on your own oxygen mask before helping those around you."

It's a new month, it's a new day and we, the youth need to wake up! Arise from your slumber!  Recent observations led me to see that a lot of us are so focused on relationships that we forget to live our own lives! simply put, people have dream baes and no dream jobs in mind. How is that even possible?! well, beats my imagination too! I guess there's only a few of us trying to be CEO's aka boss ladies.

Like a Boss...

You cannot make plans for you and another if you can't even set yourself straight. Self-love is important. If you can't love your own self then you have no love to give another regardless of how hard you try.

When your pictures match the blog message #winning

We need to be a reflection of what we want to see in our potential partners We forget that the same way we aspire a successful man, is the same way the successful men long for successful women. So if you do not have goals you are working towards no matter how much of sweetheart you are or how blessed you are front and back, honey he'll find someone befitting for him.

As with all else, life needs balance. Do not focus on your work so much that you forget your relationship, but also, do not focus so much on your relationship so much that you loose your vision. Let the men be attracted to you by the way you pounce of life and by the way you put you first. Love and do you before you can share that with another.

Balance it out

I consider myself a sapiosexual simply because I love a challenge. I want someone who will push me to go above and beyond and even if I fall flat on my already flat behind, he'll be right there waiting to catch and push me right back. Now I'm no nerd! I gotta have my balance. It's not everyday Einstein talk sometimes ratchet talk too lol.

All in all Love is a beautiful thing!

Hopefully now the quote at the beginning makes more sense. Love you and take care of you and yours, only then will you know how to love and take care of another.

Happy new month btw :D

                                                                   Peace&Love CeeTee
7 comments on "Goal Priorities"
  1. Wonderful boo. Let that relationship u so much want lead u both to build an empire. Tata Vick

  2. Well said Bami....keep up the hard work and balance... You will get there....God bless.

  3. Ooh Nido loving this nerdy but so nerdy side of u oo, didnt know it was there but summed it up well..we need balance of successful careers and healthy relationship s...the 21st century young girl should stop focusing on either or coz she CAN have BOTH!!!

    1. Nido exactly my point! No settling for what is beneath our capabilities. Thanks for reading :)

  4. Beautiful piece Marie Michelle. Keep it up!


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