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                              We are defined by the choices we make

There's a quote I've always been fascinated by which goes;

                                             You must make the choice
                                             To take the chance
                                             If you want anything in life to change.

That spoke volumes to me. However we turn out is based on our choices that we make everyday, who we become is based on these choices, our success based on our choices, our partners who reflect us? based on these same damn choices... The choices we make are critical! They're the core to we are or hope to be.

 I'm just always at a lack of words when people refer to timing, locations, the weather and God knows what else to back up a choice they made or did not make and I'm looking at them like...You mean to tell me that if you won the mega lottery at what, 360 million dollars? and they told you had to move to Alaska to get all of it, you wouldn't? Listen I'ma be in Alaska loving them polar bears before they blink and with my 360 million dollars I'll build thee warmest house system known to man and fly to wherever in my private jet from my own damn private airport. Or when you pick the lame ass 6 ft lad over the over qualified 5'4 one? Lol! The point is, if the thing has value you make the choice to pursue it regardless of if Santa coming to town or not.

Granted there are times where our hands are tied, where we do only have 2 months to live because the cancer is far gone. At that time, we can only end strong and hope that we made a difference. But while you are still cancer free, go ahead and make that CHOICE to stop being controlled by the negative or complacent or the mere use of drugs, alcohol etc. It is not an easy task but it all starts with a choice. What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. Rome was not built in one day but you gotta start somewhere. The choices are plenty,make the right one!
*I use the term cancer loosely to define any negativity holding you back.

We may not always know which choices are the right ones, you met that one guy you thought you were going to marry, 6 months later he's far from right? Lol or you went all through college to study medicine only to find out you actually just want to be an accountant?  We're not always going to make the right choices based on what is clouding our judgement at the time. We can't beat ourselves up for what we could not see in the past. Let the past worry about itself, live for today. Make that 'right' choice today. One thing's for sure, it's better than the one you made yesterday and if it's not well another lesson added to the books and that my friends is how you develop experience aka adulting.

I've made quite a few bad choices myself and I sometimes sit down like you really should not have done that. Kinda like eating 4 slices of pizza after a workout, you just defeated the purpose. God must be having a good laugh at me because I can't count the number of times I've been like "God that was stupid, I know" only to make another stupid one the next day *slaps head*. Regardless, my yesterdays will be my yesterdays and I can only worry about tomorrow. I still make foolish choices here and there but for the most part they're good Lol. One thing adulting has taught me is to surprisingly respect the choices of others. Quite frankly, what else can I do? If you want to go down a pit feel free, just leave me behind. The old me will probably judge or whatever but now if people seek my opinion I give it to you, however, regardless of the choice you make I respect it. Sometimes people just have to do what they want they do and getting burned might be a wake up call. Better yet they might be up to something I'm missing due to the fact that we see things differently which is very okay. We're different people duh! Or they're just not risk takers, again still okay. Gahlee I'm older and wiser (This is where you say Amen). At this point in my life I don't judge because if placed in their shoes who knows what I will do. It's easy to speak from the outside.

Listen to yourself and ask yourself this; " Does this feel right?" , "Am I making the right choice?" And if it does feel right, don't let my convincing ass or anybody else stop you! The worse thing is regretting a choice you didn't take. You can never get it back!

Sometimes the right choice is scary but you'll never know how good or bad it can be until you take it. Whatever you want is at your finger tips. You just have to make the conscious choice to make it happen and add a whole lot of positivism to it as well. Now how bad do you want it?

Officially thee last post of 2016! Merry Christmas blogger fam! xx

                                                                Peace&Love CeeTee
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