50 Things Before 50

"The biggest adventure you can take in life, 
                     Is to live the life of your dreams"  - Oprah Winfrey

I came up with this list about many years ago now! It is not quite up to 50 yet, so please throw in suggestions :). I have to admit, for some of the things on this list, I'm not sure how I'll get myself to do them but HEY! It's life and it's short so I'll make the most of it. Granted some of these are not exactly cheap hence will not be happening in the closest future but it sure will in this life Insh'allah! After all its a 50 before 50 :)

1) Ride front row of a roller coaster
2) Go sky diving
3) Swim with dolphins ( I considered white sharks but let's not push it)
4) Touch a Lion/Tiger
5)Go on a safari trip
6) Go on a cruise
7) Ride a hot air balloon
8) Go horseback riding in the woods (too many movies)
9) Ride an elephant
10) Ride a Camel
11) See the northern lights
12) Go fly boarding
13) Go parasailing
14) Do a karaoke in public (epic!)
15) Learn ballroom dancing
16) Take a European trip
17) Be on the cover of a magazine (A girl can dream)
18) Attend a cirque du soleil show
19) Sponsor a kid on an online adoption website
20)Attend a live poetry show/ live poetry night
21) Pose with a snake (This will take balls)
22) Work on a successful research
23) Have abs
24) Own an event planning business
25) Learn how to skate!
26) Experience New Years in New York :)
27) Attend a legit fashion show
28) Learn to bake well
29) Meet Oprah 
30) Learn a new language

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4 comments on "50 Things Before 50"
  1. uumm what happened to meeting oprah? ;)

    1. Hahahah how did i not realize it was not there???!!! Added!!!!
      You know i HAVE to meet mama Oprah!

    2. Same for me on numbers :2,6,9,25, 22 (kind of), 14, 15 (I want this soooo bad! ) and 16.
      Please NEVER will I consider 20 (phobia right there!).
      Great blog!

    3. 15 take me with you definitely! And 20 girrrlllllll I will freak out and then strike a pose and freak out some more lol. Thank you :)


I appreciate your comments :)

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