Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Who's In Your Corner?

                        When women support each other, incredible things happen

If you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together. This saying applies to every aspect of our lives. A CEO needs a CFO, there are two plus partners in a firm, two pilots when you fly, and I could keep going on. No one got to where they are on their own. It's a cycle of life that has been going on long before our time, and the extraordinary thing is it only takes one. As individuals the first person we need is ourselves and when you add someone who pushes you, challenges you, motivates you to that equation it's like eggs and bacon, bread and butter, garri and groundnut. There are people who can take us to a whole different level be it with their influence, their advice or their motivation. Find those people for you!

You need the type of people in your life that will hold you accountable. I met Oyin of sweetlikeoyin when I was new to San Antonio. I found her while looking for someone to do my hair and before my appointment, I just had this good vibe about her, so I invited her to join me for my birthday (y'all know how I love those) and she did. Literally, the week after, being the blogger that I am I said hey can you please take pictures of me, here's how and she did. We turned it into a monthly thing and here we are today. I eventually left and she continued on to do projects with photographers. The definition of taking it and run with it LOL. As life will have it, she moved to Austin and met Laolu of lifeonabanjo (sweetest soul you'll ever meet and also a blogger) in the same manner that we met. I got to meet Laolu and the vibe was no different. She was down to create and has the best ideas. My type of girl! We're a circle of God-fearing women who create, push each other, lend advice and support one another. All around black girl magic. If not for them this post would have made its debut end of this month. Please, I'm only human. It only took me meeting Oyin, who then met Laolu and our chain continues to grow. It only takes one!

Helping one person might not change the whole world but it could change the world for one person.

Let's digress for a second, if you're an entrepreneur of any sort and your 'friends' don't support and show up for you, they're acquaintances. We live in an era where a shout out, a post, a tweet could get to someone they would have never reached otherwise. In college, I was trying to win an apartment decor contest to get free rent, and I needed likes on Facebook. When I tell you my real ones created fake Facebook accounts AND emails to make those likes work. I didn't win unfortunately came in second which got me $$ off but do you see the dedication from friends we need in 2019? If they're your friend, you don't even have to ask. Now you might tell yourself oh it's just a blog, or it's just a podcast but know this, the real ones don't only show up for the applause, they're there at every checkpoint.

On your own, you will get started, but to go beyond what you dreamed was possible, you'll need someone or people in your corner who know precisely what you want to achieve or people who will help you get there even though they don't understand it, but they know it means something to you. We are the average of who we choose to hang out with. Choose wisely. I'll state it again, support isn't always financial. It could be as simple as; "How can I support you?" or "Here's a book I think could help propel your business" or just give meaningful feedback. Don't say you care, show you care.

I know who's rooting for me, Do You?

Here's to the cheerleaders that we are and those we are blessed to have!

PS: Check out Laolu's and Oyin's posts to get a bigger picture of our network!

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  1. Goodness gracious! So simple a usage of words but meaning so intense. One of the best pieces I have read this 2019. Great job Crystal.

    1. Thank You so much Chiaraaa!!!!! Super honored.


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