Friday, July 13, 2018


Love makes the world go round, but self love is where it starts.

The one thing most people forget to do? love themselves. No matter how big your heart is, if you love everybody else and forget yourself then there's a void in you that needs to be filled. I get it, people need love, you're the only one who can help, everyone is looking up to you, but what about YOU? who's taking care of you? Recharge yourself every so often by taking time and loving you. Pamper yourself, spoil yourself, love the body and skin you're in. Value who you are as a person and a professional. You may think this is easy to do while spreading the joy to million others, because we're in the era of multi tasking right? Bosses with a job and 2 side businesses. I get that, I do, but this doesn't serve anything if you can't sit back, take it in and enjoy it. Sometimes simply saying NO is therapeutic. Who knows? One day they might even thank you for saying NO, because then they got to do it themselves and learn.

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.You cannot make plans for you and another if you can't even set yourself straight.  Self-love is important. If you can't love your own self then you have no love to give another regardless of how hard you try and trust me it will show. Negative people are most often people who do not love themselves, who blame themselves for everything that has happened to them and they just cannot love another person because they do not have it in them. No matter how many times people try to help, they may actually get sucked in to your negativity so it really has to begin with you, if you don't start the change for yourself, no one else can, regardless of how much they want to help. Loving yourself is the first step to happiness.

I was talking about Self-love once and someone mentioned people getting plastic surgeries as a reason people don't love themselves. Don't get it twisted, if you're doing something for yourself, that makes YOU and not 'bae' happy then by all means do it because you are doing it for the right reason.  If you decide to get work done because you want to be an IG model or want attention from others or to be somebody's goals, you will spend the rest of your life altering yourself to the likes of others and one day too late you will regret it. Is that really worth it? Plus people move on quickly. One day we love thick and curvy, the next day Teyana's abs are trending and the day after it's a certain figure. It's forever changing and we are not chameleons, so just stick to you and what makes you HAPPY!

As you spread your joy, note that not everyone deserves to know the real you, let them criticize who they think you are. I don't care if you're an angel someone somewhere will find it in them to have hateful things to say about you but that is solely their problem. Last I checked, nothing they said ever stopped your shine. Block out the negativity, you will never please everyone and the best part is you don't have to.

I'm forever on a self-loving journey. It never stops. Sometimes, I go through periods where I feel inadequate in different settings. We're human with feelings it's normal. I just try to remember I am enough and focus on what I can bring to the table. There is no point in beating myself over what I am not.

As with all else, life needs balance. Do not focus on your work so much that you loose yourself in it, but also, do not focus so much on yourself so much that you loose your sight of work. Bills still gotta get paid. Let people be attracted to you by your pounce on life and by the way you put you first.

If you need to step back and begin to love yourself all over again, remember you cannot heal in the same environment that got you sick. Eliminate the negativity and begin to plant flowers in your own garden and nourish your soul rather than waiting for someone to do it for you.

Is it too late to say; "Happy new month"? Welp I just did :D

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  1. Great one again....if you can't love yourself then you can't love others.


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