Tuesday, January 22, 2013

you planned and failed?? still move on!

As usual i was bitching about my life to a very dear of mine Koryn. Today she gave me a quote that has totally changed my perspective of everything. Hope it does for you too if you're a planner like me.

              I am a PLANNER!!!!! i always need to have everything in place. The kind of girl who makes good use of her post its and phone calender! LOL... i'm proud of that but i never realized that i shouldn't be too keen on it. For example; i plan on having you know say a B in an exam and it ends up being a C or i planned to go to the mall on friday but couldn't cause my ride got caught up with something else. I get pissed knowing fully well that i can't change what just happened. So bottom line i crack under pressure when things don't go the way i want.. Perfectionist much? We can say that!

         Now with the quote "What screws us up so much in life is the way we always want and plan life to be."
   The life we are living in is a film put together by God. He alone can make the changes and he alone knows the next script. Now if things don't go the way we want, plan yet again and move on. Don't stay stuck at the crossroad cause the train broke down infront you. Cross that railroad at the front of the train! (totally just pulled that out of nowhere ;) ).  People like me stay pondering on the reasons as to why that didn't work out as we planned....using up time that we would have used to come up with a different plan. Nobody knows why you missed that plane..It could have crashed! I know you were tryna go to your sisters wedding but would you rather be dead or be alive to attend her 10th wedding anniversary?? and you miss that plane 10 years later yet again then plan on attending the 20th one keeping in mind other options such as buses,ships, trains etc....(i hope you get the drift).
               Life was never meant to be perfect. Reason why we don't exactly wake up to a kiss from a prince charming who slayed a dragon to find us. So yes so far life hasn't gone the way i wanted. but i'm growing towards accepting the fact that its OK! I know God has not forgotten me for now its someone else's time, MY TIME WILL COME. Like the french say; "Chacun son tour chez le coiffeur"

Hope i helped out a soul like mine out there :)
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