Monday, February 25, 2013

Making a difference!

I am in love with this kid!!! He might be little but he sure as heck makes a solid point. If we were all awesome and danced life will be a cool place...! I watched all his videos and to think he's a sick kid. People with deformations somehow manage to make the most of the world. 'Normal' folks really just sit there and watch it go by....Something unbelievably strange about that....

His attack on Josh Growban absolutely gorgeous!

Another person who's life totally amazed me!
 Nick Vujicic: He is a motivational speaker and travels round the world talking to people mostly youths! And he is a believer!!! How someone in his position conquered his outer appearance and shone from within beats my imagination! Incase you didn't notice his wife is gor-geous!

Nick Vujicic

So beloved readers! clearly you're grown and have all your limbs intact or atleast most...What are you doing or planning on doing to make a change? It doesn't have to be big...Volunteering, feeding a homeless guy etc something small.....There's a saying "God will bless you publicly for the good you do behind close doors" (i might have changed the words a little but the message is thesame :) )

Be awesome!

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  1. Thanks for following the blog Crystal! Didin't know you had one as following you back :)

    1. Anytime :))))))!! i'm on and off this thing! but i'm liking it so i'm here to stay hopefully lol :)


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