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Fashion fades                                                                            Simplicity is
              But style is eternal                                                                     the ultimate sophistication
                                     - Yves St. Laurent                                                                - Leornado Da vinci

I'm not (too) crazy about fashion trends but I am about style especially when its simple yet classy also when its different (janelle monae kinda different not let me match the rainbow different lol). Some people could really just wear jeans and a t-shirt and it looks effortless and I love that! It doesn't have to be too much or too flashy..Less really is more.  If God so bless I need me a guy with some kinda fashion sense. There's just something about a guy/lady who can dress. Agree?

Fashion can be bought.
                    Style one must possess. - Edna Woolman Chase

The inspiration behind this was to just to access the stylish part of the minds of people or us. When you use 'real' people they relate to people more as opposed to using someone famous who has a stylist, personal shopper etc and loads of cash to match. ( IDK if that made any sense..oh well *shrugs*)
I know some people and i've come across some people with great style! Some of the people on this list are dear friends/sisters of mine and others are social media friends who, I hope, I one day will meet. I decided to do a collaboration with them inquiring about what style meant to them.

Here goes;

Disclaimer: The good thing about this is, its my project and my blog so I get to say what I want LOL. I'm beginning to do a lot of confessions lately. Don't judge!

First on the list is an up and coming fashion designer and my IG hubby (in my head). When I said some people make jeans and a Tee look effortless uhm yeah he's definitely one of them! I do not know him personally yet but from the looks of it he's a sweet humble guy and an old school romantic (won't tell y'all how I know that ;) ). He is always on point tho!

Name: Yaw Boateng

Prolly should have mentioned he's fine too! 

Favorite Quote : Imperfection is beauty

What influences your style To me style is more than just clothes. It's a way of instilling my identity and personality with out saying a word. I like to feel comfortable in what I am wearing. Clothes that fit my body type.

What is your go to attire: My go to attire, I really don't have one. I Just dress to feel comfortable with myself and appearance. 

Not that y'all can really tell but his hair is always on point too!

Joel Joel Joel!!!! def miss hanging out with him. One of those who'll be at the club the eve of an exam and still make an A...You know those you totally hate as classmates and love as friends LOL. But he's a great guy very lovable and an amazing friend when he feels like it ;)

Name: Joel Nana

Favorite QuoteThere's no perfection when it comes to humans, practice can only make you better!!!  ( His personal quote)

What influences your styleGreat designers and their sense of fashion and creativity.

What is your go to attire: Don't have one, I dress as the occasion presents itself. Could be hip-hop today, suit and tie tomorrow, and the next day i'm me. As long as it looks good and new to people. Combining designers ideas and creativity, regardless of the brand

He's a bad ass dancer too! just thought i'd share :)
This not so lil gurl is my princess! The only sugar in my tea eh Garri! But she's grown into such a sweetheart with a style of her own...I still remember when she had her lil ivorian accent after having stayed there and how I prayed that we ended up in the same dorm in boarding school LOL...I'm def getting old *sigh*

Name: Maungwi Kilo

Favorite Quote : Smile! Don't you know God Loves you?

My chick bad! 

 What influences your styleMy aunt and my mother influence my style. My Aunty is all about beautiful ethic pieces mix with classy pieces and my mother mixes our ethnic pieces with gold hoops and bling , join those two ladies and you have ME. It also depends on the day, or my hairstyle actually. Different hairstyles make me consider different ways of presenting myself.

What is your go to attire: Ohhh I definitely have one: high waisted pants or leggings, tshirt or shirt(always graphic) with chunky necklace(either ethnic or bling) & a blazer/leather jacket!  (*sidenote* we share the love for anything high waisted)

To tell you how special she is..I said send me three pics and she sent 3 collages of various pics LOL...And says; "Sue me" LOL gotta love her :)

Now this is my sister from the same mother lol...Love her to pieces..funny story is growing up she was the skinniest person ever. She could eat any and everything and did not gain a single pound and then one day like a thief in the night mamacita blossomed into a beautiful rose ;) Oh and she was a tom boy too! Times do change.

Name: Anna Foncha 

Favorite Quote : Have 2 :
 " si tu prends le chemin de Je m'en fous, tu vas te trouvez au village de si je savais" ( Also happens to be from the best 'mapouka' song ever) 
"It's not who You are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not"

Cause she's grandesouer her closet suffers from the lil sisters! there's two of us! 

What influences your styleHonestly I never thought of that, but I will say Tumblr has had a great influence in my style and my love for colors. Nothing fancy ha!

What is your go to attire:  A t shirt, a cardigan, jeans and some boots in the winter & a dress and sandals in the summer.

And fyi just incase you were wondering..she's happily taken lol!

My sweet potato :) Gerard and I went to the same school and he was no where near as stylish as he is now. The tall and lanky boy happens to be this fine young man now ;) Totally have a crush on his style. He also happens to be one of those guys that gets me LOL! i'll be in a bad mood and check my messages to see that he messaged me and i'm like how did you know??! A real gentleman he is! 

Name: Gérard Cedric (Accentuate those r's with your french accent lol)

Favorite Quote : 'Style is what you make of it, an expression of ones inner self'. 

What influences your styleMy style is  influenced by everything vintage fashion from 1950s-80s, I enjoy blending vintage looks with a bit of modern formal styles. 

What is your go to attire: My go to attire is anything Harris Tweed. I absolutely love tweed...  (I literally had to google tweed smh at this english people..but hey we learn everyday aye?)

I know some fine boys! Hands down.

The fabulous lady right here is a celebrity as far as i'm concerned..the kind you want to follow cause her outfits are within reach lol! She has remained 'real' throughout everything and going through her blog you just relate to her which makes the blog even more special and that's what i'm aiming for. She was two classes ahead of me in high school  hence how i know her :). My alma mater definitely has some fine products! She's definitely an ambitious and driven young lady! 

Warning: watch out for them curves!

Name: Brenda G. Chuinkam

Favorite Quote : People want you to be successful...just not as successful as them." (Fave at the moment)

What influences your styleThe weather, my mood, colors and print influence my style!

What is your go to attire: My "stay at home go to attire" would be black tank top and black leggings but since I can't wear that to go out, it would be A pair of black slacks and a bright shirt with my Zara always works!

C'est les formes que vous voulez voir??! 

This next stylist literally stole my heart with her style. With every single post she has, i'm like i need that piece in my closet and that one and that...and so on! I first emailed her thinking who replies to someone they don't know? But she did and she's soooo nice..In my utopian world somewhere we're sisters! :) She promised to start a blog for me. I'm holding you to that Doresha ;)

Name: Doresha Smith

Favorite Quote : A girl should be two things : who & what she wants ....

What influences your styleWhat influenced me was myself actually. I love being different , unique , standing & taking control w/o saying a word .... I remember watching The Cosby Show when I was little it was always boring to me but I admire the way they dress & the more I got into Fashion the more I start love watching the Cosby , Fresh Prince , Living Single & a Different World just to admire there outfits .... 

What is your go to attire: My go to attire .... Hmmmm I really don't have one bc I do a lot of color blocking or mix matching that I don't have a go to attire but I will let you on on a secret I write some of my outfits ideas down in my notepad so I can remember my outfits I visualize ......  (told you we're sisters..we think alike :) )

The next two pics if she didn't send them to me I was going to find a way to steal them and put them on here LOL

         'I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. 
                                            After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.'
                                                                                 - Whitney Houston

                               'Style is knowing who you are, 
                                               what you want to say, and not giving a damn.' 
                                                                                                 - Orson Welles

When I thought of doing this, I had no clue how I'd pull through but these beautiful people made it happen and were soooo nice about it as well. Thank you all for agreeing to feature :)....And to my fellow readers...ya dig???

PS: If you couldn't already tell, the women had a problem sending me just 3 pictures!!! I appreciate it y'all :)


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  1. LOVE it!!! U did great. I love the fact that their styles are not contemporary- v.unique as a matter of fact. It will be great when everyone can understand that there are no fashion/style dos or don'ts. For me personally, it is as easy as this - if it's not comfortable, it's NOT my style.

    1. Exactly why i pinpointed them ;)..Ikr you def have to be comfortable in whatever it is you're wearing. And Thank you!!!

  2. Aww thanks "Marie Michelle"!!! Wow, thanks for intoducing me to some other fabulous dressers! Keep up the good work!

  3. I just discover your blog and there is something i appreciate the most in it : your writting!!! I really enjoy reading your blog... I will like tohave your point of view in my blog if you dont mind... Im a new cameroonian blogger on blogspot you can check it out here----- THANK YOU

  4. Hi Leila! aww thank you I appreciate it and I most definitely will be checking yours out! Be sure to follow the blog!


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