Monday, February 15, 2016


Ah the joys that life bring!

Before dinner (The only odd pic that I happen to love!)
Okay guys I'm old Lol like seriously..not even kidding but I am grateful for the gift of being able to get old! Now I have to get used to a new number. You know how you get older and someone ask how old you are and you go with the last age cause you forgot you just turned older..well except if you're turning 21 then you definitely remember LOL...Okay..back to the main point.

I always visualize myself way further than I should be but I have finally caught up to myself and I am HAPPY where I am (and as always I already have a plan to move up). I'm proud of the hustle I went through to get here today. And I mean HUSTLE. If I crossed my hands in life I swear I will be nowhere near where I am today. I don't take NO very well and that works for me cause when I get a NO, I try to find out why it is not a YES and tell them why it should be a YES. You know your capabilities so let them shine and fight for you cause no one else will.

So as I age like fine wine ;) here's my advice to me/what I need to emphasize more on:

- Do not loose yourself in the midst of others. Stay true to who you are!
- Aim higher and higher cause only then do you achieve more. Do not get comfortable! Challenge yourself.
- Nothing good comes easy, but God gives us sugar to go with our vinegar. The bad days shall come to pass but also shall the good days. Live in the moment!
- Most important of them all, LOVE yourself. No one else will. Be happy!

I spent my birthday with friends who made it all too special both those who could be here and those who couldn't. Ain't nothing better than feeling that love! The weekend was LIT! I couldn't be more grateful to each and everyone of these beauties :)

Camer babes for the win!
Getting so much sugar
The tili to my toli and I'm just gon leave that there less we make this another post in the name of a caption.

Love you round the word and back!

After 3+ plus years I finally got to see my babe, Cynthia. (featured her on my blog before for a wise quote of hers) Luh you boo!
'Look at my dab'

Sweet thang over here took a lifetime and a day to get ready that she missed the group has got to be a family thing ;). Still luh u though!
Shoki game toh bad
I truly feel like my birthday gets better each year! I had people call from all over at midnight their time and my time just to wish me happy birthday! Guys y'all special I swear. I wish I could list all of your names on here. But know that I appreciate you all everyday, all day, all year! Thank you for showing me distance is not a problem even though we only talk on the phone like twice a year (My birthday and theirs).

Side Note 1: S/O to my twin sis (Marie-Louise) who thinks I always do the most LOL!
Side Note 2: Koryn your message had me crying! The world is not ready for our reunion. 5 years and counting *sniff sniff*. you already know I got mad love for you.

Clearly we were all doing something different!
2016 be good to me! Here's to being twenty-fine but even more so here's to being Femme et Noir.

To my avid readers, THANK YOU!

                                                        Peace&Love -CeeTee
13 comments on "Twenty-FINE"
  1. Awwnn that's a sweet piece. As always, keep it up

    1. Thank you Kom! And I appreciate your support to this blog everyday! xoxo

  2. ❤️❤️❤️Really ageing like fine wine! Love u Cee

  3. Love ya babes. Amazing post as always. Thank you for having us in SAT definitely coming back very soon. the Tili to my Toli is definitely good post title. I shall be waiting lol ;)

  4. Keep �� to bigger n better things. So i wise ehhh lol. That second to last pic tho... SAT was def lit! Hope it won't be another 3 yrs b4 our next reunion

    1. U wise only small lol! and noooo oo never again.

  5. Lovely piece Crys,and you look so FINE.HBD.

    1. Thank you love!! :)
      I'm so late to seeing this..

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