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Lately( for a year now) when hit with the, "why are you still single?" question which quite frankly has become boring! My answer as always is, "I'm looking for ambition" so this dear friend of mine goes "...but James (made up name) is in med school"....Now while being in med school is not a bad thing but it does not always scream ambitious. That does not quite make sense yet but allow me to explain.

Ambition (at least for me) is when someone talks about their career with a passion that draws you in. So much so that you want to be there when they get to that level. You want to be a part of it. When asked, "what's your goal or 5 year plan?" in a heart beat they will list it all and leave you mesmerized. They do not necessarily have to be there at that point yet but just have the zeal. You graduate with a 4.0 YAY! Good for're smart! heck I envy you with every bone in my body but that does not necessarily make you ambitious.

I know people who have switched majors simply because the other one pays more or most people are doing that or cause their parents' have a company in that field and so a job a guaranteed and so on and so forth. Here's the deal. When you do get that job, because of the lack of drive you will find yourself stuck and on the same spot. On the other hand, if you got your dream career, come what may, the only way you would want to move is forward because you have your eyes on the prize, you have a vision. That light at the end of the tunnel is the only thing you're seeing and the only thing in your way is YOU.

This might have come as a result of getting older ( So help me God, I hope wiser too) but Ambition and class, to me are the new sexy. If I spoke to a guy and he just had no passion you could be Morris Chesnut and I'll still have no interest (Please don't look like Morris though it'll be so hard to turn you down :/ ).

 I met a guy over the break who's a marine. I was fascinated cause i'd never met anyone from the marines. Army...yes! Marines..NO. sidenote: Marine uniforms are too cute. So we decide to have a conversation and obviously I asked; " what made you join the marines?" I was expecting some serious motivational story or something! Heck I would have even bought the whole, " To save people" crap. Homeboy said "Cause they were better advertised". You should have seen my face and I do have priceless facial expressions. In reality if the peace corps or Army was better advertised he would have gone with the flow. Just how do you take someone like that seriously?!
NB: To all marines who do it for a reason, who do it to keep us safe, Thank You!

 Its not enough to want to be wealthy. Its about asking yourself , "how exactly are you going to be wealthy?". One things for sure, you're not going to get there doing something you're not passionate about. That much I can tell you.

So dearest readers, I'm on the prowl for ambition because my dreams are far too bigger than me and I need someone with that much by my side cause then we'll both have each other and we'll understand our journey to success. We could start from the bottom but bless us we will get there. So until I find that ambitious soul, I'm riding SOLO.

                         "If a person holds no ambitions in this world, he suffers unknowingly. 
                                    If a person holds ambitions, he suffers knowingly, but very slowly."
                                                                                ― Alan Lightman, Einstein's Dreams

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  1. Good one! I can't stand people who gravitate towards a certain major solely for "financial stability". How would u feel waking up every morning to do something u don't really care about? I can't live a life like that and I sure as heck don't want a partner like that - No to all that negative energy LOL! Where's the fulfillment? The happiness? That feeling of having something to look forward to as u go to sleep? That's my 'high'. That's what keeps me going....

    1. We are definitely on the same page!... You have to look forward to something if not there's no point in doing it. couldn't agree with you more :)

  2. Just as the Samsund company who made the phones n wrote a handbook for it,so that if there is anything wrong wth the phone,we can fix it from the as God is our creator.and the bible is our manual.if there is any motivating factor we need towards realising our career goals/ambitions;turn to the bible. N wisdom will not depart from us which will set as a foundation as you carry on with your tour on how certain things works in life. Meanwhile

    (show me a man who changes from one study program to another, i will show u a man who does'nt knw what he wants). But we should not completely blame this group of pple cuz thier greed might have been influence in many ways. Giresse N.

    1. I guess we each have our ways of looking at it. Nice perspective tho. Thanks for sharing.


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