Monday, February 10, 2014

Birthday Post!

                               Nothing is free. Not even age. Age is the price we pay for life. Life isn't
                              replaceable, its a gift that we pay with age. What we do therefore matters.

Words cannot begin to describe the joy and love I feel in me! I'm a huge sucker for birthdays. I believe we are opportuned to see a new era, a new page in our lives something that so many take for granted. To round it up, I feel blessed and highly favored.

 I will try to not make this post the longest post ever ( That will be a TASK!) but I do need to include un peu de tout ;)

My birthday started on the 8th to say the least. Officially launched by my mom! She gets the award for most active mom on Facebook on the 8th :). Texting me trying to figure out how to post pics on my wall and all that LOL gotta love her :) and a call all the way from SA from one of the most phenomenal ladies I know Koryn! She tried singing lol noticed I said tried ( Love youuu KO)! I cannot forget the love from my bestie Ebenye at midnight in London, she sang too well semi sang lol (loveee u too boooo) yes! yes! yes! I'm international ;)

Mamas words to me;

On the 9th of February, the Almighty God sent me a gift, a precious one. A gift that gave me the opportunity to call myself a parent, a proud one indeed. That gift was beautifully wrapped up in a package presented to me by my sister Winnie , that gift I call my daughter, my crystal.
Our existence has been filled with love, joy and happiness from the moment you were born, we knew what love was really about and instantly we knew that we would spend eternity thanking God for you.
You are the unforgettable memories of the past, the precious moments of the present and the promises of a wonderful future.
Time has quickly passed us by and now you're a little lady.... Sweet, dynamic and amazing...... Our beautiful princess in the fairy tale.
Today my darling I celebrate you, you birth, the beautiful lady inside and out into which you have blossomed. The love we share but most of all, I celebrate God choosing me as a channel to bring you into the world, I am blessed and honored to call you my daughter and will forever cherish that day.
Wishing you all of God's blessings today and always
Speechless was I, to say the least! I have come a long way. I still have not figured it all but I hope i'm close.
Like I said we're doing this from the top ;)

I am the offspring of these two amazing people! And as they say "pussy no di born dog" AKA "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree"

This picture was taken a couple of years ago but I love it :) And yes I look like them both ;)
Till date no one messes with my food lol!

PS: All the editing on my baby pics was done by madre dearest!

Always camera ready!

Day went on quite fast. Before I knew it, it was time to get ready to go to dinner!! But before I left the house..had to make sure I was on my DIVA status! lol

Testing testing! lol

My friend (Dahun) and I head out to the restaurant. Beautiful restaurant..lovely staff! I highly recommend it. As usual you know black people be running on CP time lol. They will be late to their own funerals if they could. Either ways Dahun and I chatted and sipped our waters away while waiting on them.

I know I could have taken a better pic lol! Atleast y'all see the name.

The gorgeous Dahun and I on arrival.
 And an hour later! my adopted god father (lol) made it. Always impeccable and full of charisma.

He was prepping for the picture 

And then after a 2 minute preparation that was his pose smh lol 

With the lady in red :)

And another hour later lol the whole crew showed. I didn't get a pic of everyone at the table. But you will see them as we go.


Wait...wait...I'm not ready

Okay now! (Me at Dinner!!!) 
So that's the only picture I have of my food cause when I thought about taking a picture it was halfway gone smh. Food was delishhhh!! Before we left got a call from Doreen, I picked up saying "it's not 12 yet" and she was like she's not trying to stay in line at 12 lol!!! Much love for herrrrr And my darling sister who couldn't stay up sent me the best love letttterrrrr ever! Vals day was officially launched lol! (Love you kabsy always).
Obviously y'all know it wasn't gonna end at dinner! LOL... So 12am his time the boo of life called me and I said its not midnight my time yet and he goes ok call you in an hour lol! And call in an hour did he. Like clockwork lol. Missed his call the first time and he sends me this warning me! hahaha

bobsy don't kill me lol (PS: I'm taking applications ;) )
And dutifully I pick up lol!! Too blessed with all this love.
We do make it to the bar but first I had to pose *hides face*

And then I walked into the bar. Right after bobsy, zee twin called me!! LOL! I stroke a pose at midnight.

Having a bompop-tini! ish was goooood! Cheers!
Only picture I took at the bar and an hour and a half later..we headed to the hilton lounge!

bekooooo! we've known each other since our hair was floor level LOL!

Cuzo of lifeeee! xoxo


The godfather and he matched me :)

Kelly and lover boy ;)

Mad love for this chic! Bami oye!

Take one! 

And then we got it! 

Leoooo! the adopted big brother!
Let me explain this...There always has to be some after after party when dealing with Cameroonians! So yes we hit an after spot! Silvar made me dance in her words; " It's your birthday just keep dancing" LOL
getting it!

Then I had to entertain everybody else lol

You better work gyal!
That will conclude the amazing night of february 8th to 9th. Got home at 4:00am and I pretty much only got two hours of sleep before my phone went off all through till about 5:00 pm (not complaining) and then I took a nap and had to get up to do homework LOL #thestruggle!

I got the most heartfelt messages that I am definitely keeping. Dedications from my sisters and friends. And the one from my old time bestbo Paola that threw me off guard. Totally was not expecting it since we haven't seen in other in a good minute. Out of sight is really never out of mind. I appreciate you boo!

My faves! (Meth yours wouldn't behave :/ lol)

To all who took the time to make this day special either by texts, calls or messages....

Awwww Sekki is calling me.........
Where were we???!!
No wait!!!...My partenaire (Tama) is calling....
Okay now I'm done!

As always,

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