Saturday, March 22, 2014

Miami for two!

Destination ----> Mexance!!

The much deserved Spring break is sadly coming to an end...Sun, beaches, draankksss, food etc you name it, it happened! I now call Miami, Mexance (get it??) cause I either felt like I was in Mexico or France lol Spanish and French EVERYWHERE! Our condo was full of zeee French I wasn't mad though we blended in just fine lol. First time in Miami and believe me the hype is real! If you haven't already been..I strongly recommend. Go fully loaded though, very fully loaded lol!

Anyhu so I wish I had more pics of the names of places but I got sidetracked by having fun and people watching that half the time I forgot I had a camera lol...Plus I forgot the charger(More interested in packing shorts) so we were saving the battery.

Disclaimer: picture OVERLOAD!

Day one...Testing the camera ;)

 Got to our spot pretty late and just decided to dress up and sight see!

Allow me to introduce the torn to my flesh ;)...!

Miami Day two!

We had to get our feet in operation eat and go to the beach!

For reasons beyond my understanding I luh this pic lol

Then it was a good pic.

Hold up....

Okay now go! In my defense my eyes can't deal with light so I had to look downwards ;)
 From 20 degrees to 80! We're in our zones! 

Beach selfies..Ya mad?

Day 2 by night!

Hehehehe baby geh was smizing!

Dinner at papagayo

Meal for two... Price for ten lol 

Adorable girls! 

Occupying the dance floor at Ocean Ten
Drag show at palace park! 

MJ performance at Mango! 
Salsa performance!
If you were paying attention yes we hit 3 spots in one night! trying to cram everything into 5 days LOL.

Miami Day 3!

Figured we'll check out Lincoln road
Turban mode activated!

Passion fruit daquiri at enso lounge! 

You said it not me ;)
Day to night transformation!

DJ had me on my feet all night and then limping to the car


Look who we found?! Hey Leo!
In my zone!

Salsa night with brazilian hottie

Miami day 4

beautiful day in Mexance!

Singing 'I'm walking on sunshine....oh oh oh and it feels good'

You couldn't tell me nothing on this day ha!
Lunch at Havana 1957! Recommended by the bestie and they delivered! Amazing staff!

Plantain chips :)

White wine sangria

Lunch selfie

Our amazing waiters! Insisted on taking a pic.

daryl wouldn't let us leave lol!

Somewhere on Lincoln!

Random guy drew me or something that sorta looked like me! 

Back that ass up!

I forgot what this was but it was good!

Mango daquiri

Miami Day 5

Last day and we decided to hit out private access beach..yes we're cool like that ;)

I woke up to this view every morning.

La vida loca!

Extremely random shot!

Candid shot!
If the water went past my knee I ran to shore. I am NOT a fish.

 RDV with Jeannette Jenkins this summer. I will get there!  Ignore my sandy feet.
Hunger always strikes after a water session! So we rode to Ocean Dr. First stop..La Baguette cause they had us at free shots..;)

Last night in Miami!
while TI made his entrance at Story nightclub we struck  a pose ;)

Our last night in Miami had a lil twist lol stories/memories to remember! Either way we definitely had a good time. One thing's for sure we will be back!

Next stop: Vegas???!!!


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  1. Aww Yamje I ❤ ur blogg...its so fun we get for go Vegas summer lol...luv u to bits cherie...oh BTW it's Vaneh lol

    1. Vanehhhh! Thanks love!!! And yes we will plan it loool...! :) xoox

  2. y'all obviously had a good time and looked smashing while at it what's more to say...t'was a win-win!!!!

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