Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Best.

This was one of those 'let's take one for the gram' that turned into a ' let's do one for the blog' typa thing ;). Hope y'all are having a blessed Sunday.

Remember: If you have nothing to be thankful for, check your pulse! :)

My moms face is all over this picture! 

Always gotta have the candid ones :)

What the world has done to us! Can we go back to land line?

Favorite gospel music so far! My morning has only just begun :) Praise him!

Quick aside....Last week I went to the movies to watch The dawn of the planets of the apes. Amazing movie by the way, I totally recommend it. I did not expect it to be that amazing. You know how the sequels are always worse than the first movie..well this was better than the first one which is also very good. So if you're not doing anything this weekend, hit up the movies and catch it! Also cause really there's no better one out yet..NO i'm not a transformers fan. Counting down the days till July 25th though LUCY is a must watch for me.
3 comments on "Sunday Best."
  1. tres CHIC ma cherie. btw i haven't watch planets of the apes 2 but i will be the first at the theater for LUCY ;)

  2. Thanks babe! And trust me it'll be me and you both :)

  3. Don't watch lucy, so not worth it!!


I appreciate your comments :)

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