Saturday, August 9, 2014

Point Of Light

Our point of lights....

I recently watched Tyler Perry's video where he spoke about point of lights! And it enlightened me in so many ways that I just had to share.

Most times we miss out on the best moments in life because they only lasts but for a minute or so. I always say its the little things in life that count.

We will come across people in our lives that we will see perhaps only that one time, but what they do for us we will remember for eternity.  As Maya (RIP) rightly said;  I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.'

The things do not necessarily have to fall through or you do not have to see the light at the end of the tunnel at that instant but live in that moment and acknowledge that good still walks the face of the earth.

Personally off the top of my head, I can think of a couple of instances where I have been moved by peoples' gestures. I like to believe I have been a point in the light of another as well. 

I once went for an interview for a corporate job offer, I had just walked into career fair and nailed an interview on the spot. I was freaking out cause I knew I was there to find a job but damn! I did not think I was going to impress the first person I spoke with. As I sat and nervously awaited my interviewer, I must have said a 1000 hail marys and our fathers. It is true that we do know God best in time of need..that should not only be the case. In good or bad times seek Jesus. No situation is permanent. Anyways, she comes along and we proceed with the interview and then the million dollar question of ; 'Why should I hire over the next person?' I go on to tell her who I am and what I represent and the dreams and goals I have and she was cheesing hard. At the end of the interview, she stands up and hugs me! I'm lost for a second because from the zillion of 'how to interview' articles I read, none mentioned a hug. Protocol is to stand offer a handshake and thank your interviewer. After a warm felt hug and emotional me almost crying for I do not know what reason, she goes on to tell me that she has interviewed thousands of people both college level and beyond but never has she seen anyone be as real and passionate as I was. She said my answers were not the obvious basic answers she always got they were me and definitely sold my personality. Needless to say, I made it to round two and three of the interviews but unfortunately I did not get the job. It was a bummer, but on the bright side, Marian (my interviewer) enabled me to be a better me for the remainder of the career fair at which I did get a job (Can the crowd say Amen). I am in contact with her till today and she is my point of light because that hug from someone I had met for 45 minutes made me feel like I can. It gave me a boost and eliminated my fear. I may never see Marian again but what she did for me, I will always remember.

I got a job not too far from my apartment and car-less me, my means of transportation was my 'leggediz-benz'. I'm talking a good 30 minute walk in this outrageous summer heat. So I got up everyday put on some sunscreen (Say no to being charcoal) and walk on the roads literally fighting with cars. On one of my days to work, a construction worker stops me and asks if I walk everyday and I say yes to work. He takes my number and offers to give me a ride when I need one. At this point i'm like forget kidnapping I'm asking LOL. It is too hot out here. The next day I texted him and ask if he was serious about giving me a ride and he says yes and that he has a gift for me. I'm thinking oh boy! He gets to my place (I gave him a wrong building number and waited at that building lol one can never be too cautious) and pulls out a bike. I'm perplexed and surprised and happy! He says, now you no longer need me. I could not believe he was giving me a bike like I had been secretly praying for one. well that or a car whichever made the journey less. It now takes me about 12 minutes to get to work as opposed to 30 minutes of walking. I am a happy camper! I do not know this guy and I will most likely never see him again but whenever I remember my college days, I will be forever grateful to him.

These acts from this people (heaven bless them) are little acts that will go a long way. They and many more are my points of lights. They without knowing have motivated me to be confident in who I am (as per the first story) and to always lend a helping hand to someone no matter how small (as per the second story). 

So I guess my message on this beautiful Sunday is to encourage you to be the point of light in someones' life and you just never know how much it will change their lives! While you're at it, be the person they see as a light as well in other words be an exemplary leader.

The act of kindness in this video of both the guys willing to help and the homeless guy touched my heart! I had to share.

Be Blessed!


2 comments on "Point Of Light"
  1. Its definitely those little things!
    Bless their souls

  2. You just made my day.This message is going to go a long way for me.Thank you Crystal!


I appreciate your comments :)

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