Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 9th

                            Do not count the candles but notice the light they give.
                                                        Do not count the years; look at the life you live.

Everyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for birthdays. I'm that one person who will wait till its 12:00 on the dot just to scream  Happy birthday so imagine how much more anxious I am when it's my turn! :D

To some its just another day, to me, its another chance to do it even better. A chance to make right of the wrongs, to smile cause of how far I've come, to be grateful for the memories of the yester years but wise enough to leave them there (In the past), to develop plans, get closer to my dreams but most importantly to its a chance for me to LIVE not exist. I could go on but I cannot be thankful enough for simply the gift of life! 20+ years no be beans!

Seeing as my birthday fell on a Monday, had dinner the weekend before with my lovely primes who could make it. Each of which hold a unique story and spot in my life and heart (see summary below pics). Also, my grande photo shoot a norm for every year..I'm going to run out of space for pictures lol! One can never have too many.

It's a heck of a good thing having friends/sisters all over the globe. At 12, Paris time, my sister from another mother, Marie-Louise (and yes she's a Marie too) sent me the 'beautifulest' ( I know its not a word,,I still used it tho) text ever teared up a lil! She has literally helped me find solutions to every crisis in my life. fast forward to 12:00 South african time when the one who keeps me sane in this world Koryn (If you read my blog you know this name lol) called me and sang!!!!! I love y'all so so much! And of course 12 my time my phone crashed literally hahahaha!

I probably should have warned ya of the picture overload. oopsy! LOL! Well now here's a few pics from dinner.

Wine only gets better with age!

Aryam banana where do I even begin??? my fake swahili teacher! We have been through sooooo much..thick and thin but always given each other pep talks through everything and been real with each other even if we disagreed. You've always been there for my demanding ass! You already know how much I luh you!

Stillwater squad minus one! memories upon memories of that lil town with these two.

The bae when there is no bae and bae that will always be bae! LOL Asobo beau my all time brother! Who drove all the way just to come to my dinner...Thank you times inifnity for your undivided love and friendship!

 As for this mami nyanga! I swear only us two can stand us two lol! We tell each other everything like it is hahaah shebi belle no be store. She always comes through for me ALWAYS and always has something to say too LOL! Gros gros bizou!

Eyebrows on fleek
Sissy in law that has my back over her brother! She's taken my side Lol!!! Ever since we met it was love inside out! Thank you for being there love! Yes I know this pic is different but somehow I didn't get a pic with her :/ but she still had to feature!!

 There's about to be 2 badass Chem Es in town...!!! Dahun my naija connect! I swear we have talked our way out of this engineering business but we're still there pushing and pushing! She stays being there for everything I come up with. Thank you for your support all through.. I appreciate you boo!

             Do not dwell on how old you are but how much you have achieved and
                                   how much you can achieve with the time you have left in this world.

For your prayers, messages and well wishes THANK YOU! For those who have always been there and seen me through it all...here's to another year of the same damn thing only on a different level and a new page ;)

Almighty father, may this new year draw me closer to you and grace me with love and wisdom to overcome whatever challenges may come my way. Amen!

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  1. Aww too sweet. Thank God for good friends. I'm glad you had a good time dear et bonne anniversaire ma puce

  2. Really nice fotos n comment. Keep up the good shots.


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