Saturday, April 18, 2015

As I Age

Something always stimulates my thoughts and this time it's a gorgeous wall in good ole Nashville, TN courtesy of my partenaire himself. I have not seen this wall personally but it's on the to do when I revisit Nashville.

At first glance a thousand thoughts zoomed through my mind..I want abs, I want to be wealthy, I want to explore the world, heck I want a pair of louboutins etc while these are all things that I do want as I age they're not necessarily all that I want or shall I say what really matters. Mind you they do fall in the category somehow.

So as I went to bed and my mind wandered I settled on these 3. Only because I really could not think of any additional ones. Personally above 3 will be a whole lot but that's just me cause looking at my top 3 I can fulfill so much of the other wants easily..ok maybe not the abs but hey most lol.

As I age...I want to successful
As I age... I want to be inspire
As I age... I want to love deeply

Looking at my list, my first choice will essentially enable me to be wealthy, explore the world and have Christian Louboutin on speed dial ;) the second will enable me to be the change I want to see in my generation and the world at large and the last will help me to not bear grudges and make my relationships lasts.

Think of your top 3 and have it run in the back of your mind or write it down if you must let it serve as a reminder as to who you aspire to be. I always say its easier to stay in focus on life when you know what you WANT.

Feel free to share with me :)

NB: I hope there's some little space left on that wall when I do get a chance to visit cause best believe I'm writing on it somehow.

                                                           Peace&Love CeeTee
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