Saturday, April 30, 2016

Living Abundantly

                          "To live is the rarest thing in the world,
                                                           Most people just exist" -Oscar Wilde 

I once came across a christian clothing store that had a sweatshirt with the words Living abundantly. I don't know why but I really wanted it and I had to pre-order and it wasn't going to get to me till like 2 weeks after or more. Usually that's when I get uninterested (Unless it's a pair of shoes) but for some reason I chose to get it in purple and I waited.

It got to me eventually and I opened the package but I wasn't crazy about the texture of the material so I just set it in my closet and life rolled on. I happened to wear it once and someone said the words out loud "Living abundantly" and I immediately knew they were the words on my sweater but it still did not register. Quickly after that I thought to myself, what does it even mean to live abundantly? how do you live abundantly? abundant in what? I also tried to relate my life to this, to see if I could make sense of it.

I still don't think I have a full understanding of the word because I am not as wrapped up in the spirit as I should be. Baby steps y'all! I am trying, but for now, this is how interpret the statement. As I mature with the days, I am positive my reasoning will become clearer, wiser and more obvious.

Living abundantly, is living a Godly purpose driven life. That probably sounded complicated because most of us, me included, do not know what that purpose is. Allow me to break it down. Let's try this again shall we?! Living abundantly, is doing good to those around us. It is doing one thing in a day that fulfills you as a christian. Be it listening to someone who needed a shoulder to lean on, giving that homeless man a dollar, remembering to say please and thank you and the list goes on. It's the little things that bring a smile to the face of another. You do not have to donate millions to charity to feel fulfilled (If you do have millions by all means please! while you're at it feel free to help a sister out ;) ) or go on a mission trip to an under developed country. There are people who need help right where you are.

To make this message even stronger, before I began writing this post, I came across a facebook message a friend of mine shared which to summarize said, we all have a testimony to give. Just because we have never been drug dealers and repented and dedicated our lives to Christ or been through a rough path and found ourselves does not mean we do not have a story to tell. As my friend rightly put it, while everyone else has a testimony of the saving power of God, you have the testimony of the preserving power of God. You don't have to make a total mess of your life to have a testimony. Your testimony of preservation is as valid as someone else's testimony of salvation. You are a testimony!

If all those words just flew over your head, I'll make it simple. Live abundantly- spread smiles, share the word and be a living proof of the preserving power of God.

I'll love to hear your thoughts.

PS: I realize it would have made sense to have the sweater on during this shoot but what had happened was....
                                                        Peace&Love CeeTee
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