Sunday, October 16, 2016


Nature does not hurry,
Yet everything is accomplished - Lao Lzu

From the very first time I got a picture of Oasis from a friend, I knew I had to see this beauty for myself. Funny enough I had lived an hour away from this wonder and I only found out about it after I left smh. However, I said next time I am in the vicinity I am going to see this place. Come rain, sunshine or Turn up till 6am...

A few months later here I was planning a trip to the 'H' aka 'The motherland annex' to see Vicky (Featured in my London post) and I said let's do it together with my sissy Kabsy. I should say after I told Kabsy about Oasis, she carried her legs and made it there before me Lol. How rude? I tell you! She agreed to go again though so no worries!  I got in late Saturday night and an hour later we were at a lounge, you know cause I had to wind down from work ;). At the end of the night at about 4 am ish we leave to head home and I swear this Congolese guy will not leave my sister alone. Dude stood in front of the car so we wouldn't go without her giving him her number..We ended up dodging that bullet but Bruno Mars no lie oh! I guess some homies will take a bullet. Good night and good times! Anyways so we get home and we each get 4 hours of sleep cause the plan is to head out at 9am for the 3 hour drive to oasis and yes Kabsy made me drive -_-.

In every walk with nature
Man receives far more than he seeks.

Alas! we made it to the beautiful Oasis. I stopped after all the pictures and excitement and just took the beauty in. Won't he do it?! The pictures do NOT do this place justice... I don't have words. We did go on a Sunday so the restaurant wasn't as crowded as it will typically be on say a Saturday giving us ample space to maneuver the many corners for pictures.

Yes texans are really cocky lol

I was on there locking my love for Jesus so tight lol
Talk about views!
If you look closely you'll spot my yacht ;)
It takes appreciating this work of art to know that Life is too short! So laugh when you can, it's never that serious. If you have a place, a spot you have wanted to go to. Get up and GO! The only thing stopping you is YOU! Tomorrow is a mystery so live for today! My quest to my many other bucket lists spots continues....what are some of yours? Share below they just might become mine or better yet let's plan a trip. I'm down!

Iron sharpens iron!
Kabsy <3
Vkey <3
You will never get a full grasp of the book of life if you're only reading one page. And as my beautiful sister shared with me  "Always pray to have eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and a soul that never looses faith" (Let it be known I was held at eru point to give this credit LOL!)

As you do all these, remember nothing in nature lives for itself. This lake does not flow for itself, the fragrance of the flowers do not spread for themselves, the sun does not shine for itself, Jesus did not sacrifice his life for himself. Living for others is a rule of nature. We were born to help each other. Do good and be blessed :)

When someone says smile for the camera...a sister dunno how to act.
But then I end up with goodies like this. Laugh, it's never that serious.
Ah I'm tired of uploading the pictures Lol. Too many good goods. I'm rounding up promise.

Sums up our lives! She gets me and I love her!
And it's a wrap!
I can't wait to see where I go next. 2017 is that you I see? *pulls out binoculars*

                                                                 Peace&Love CeeTee
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  1. 2017 for the winnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!
    LMao held at ERU point.. and u left HALF .. next time a go see who go carry ya order them .. luv ya my headache!!!

    1. Hahahahahah eske I lie?! freeze it i'll be back for it *sticks out tongue*. xoxo

  2. You've blessed us with another amazing piece


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