Friday, September 16, 2016

The 'WHY?'

                    Imperfectly perfect
                    With a wandering mind
                    Mediocre she refuses to be
                    Legendary she is.
                    Packed with flaws both physical and non
                    Yet she still WILL make a difference given the shot
                    Embracing who she is- she shares
                    with a world full of glares.
                    Beneath it all, the words and advice
                    Is only the power of feminine mind
                    Regardless of where she goes and who she is
                    You will first acknowledge that she is
                                Femme-Et-Noir [Woman and black]

Lately, I've been asked more than usual why I blog. I guess the answer was always in my head and I never really shared it. It's quite simple, Aspire to Inspire. I'm a firm believer in leaving the world (or anything) better than I met it. So if writing about my daily struggles, dilemmas, depressions and jubilations are a means of reaching out to others then that's exactly what I'll do.

6 pack loading for 2017 Lol 
Let me take you back to the 1990's. As a kid, I fell in love with novels and reading fiction. [That love has since branched out to other genres of books] A habit I picked up from my mom and dad, both avid readers. My mom has a very wide collection of Danielle Steel novels which is probably why I looooove Danielle Steel. I started reading her novels at a tender age plus she's a great writer too and to top if off the very first one I read (STAR) the main character is Crystal. (where my diamonds at?! Shine baby shine). Talk about day one bond. It may also be because my dad got me a novel on every trip he went on and I had to identify the big words that I didn't know and write down the meanings and show them to him. Novels and poetry were life and still are. I haven't done a lot of poetry lately but I used to. Matter of fact I could spring one up at anytime. Might be a lil rusty but it'll still be good. Reading and writing are associated at least in my opinion. I never met an avid reader who was not an eloquent writer. Then add the fact that I'm talkative to that and TADAH you get this blog that I use to vent.

Let me just lay this out there..I am in no way, shape or form a fashionista. I only use pictures because;
  • I love taking pictures
  • They get your attention
  • I need a place to publish all my pictures okay more like most and facebook albums ain't quite cutting it.

I'll define my style as simple yet chic ;) a few daring moments. Gotta keep them guessing. Look good feel good! That said i'll never post where I got the pieces from etc. It's not to throw shade or hide the goodies lol abeg! If you are interested though slide in ya girls DMs ;) It go down in the..Okay I'll stop Lmaooo.

Now that that's out of the way, the real reason I do this: for Me. Before my blog inspires others it does me, it liberates me. It is my safe heathen where I convert my worries into words. It takes the edge off and makes me feel better. So first and foremost, I blog for me. It keeps me sane Lol. The world at large just tripping. The last part which involves you my readers is my fave. everything on here is what I have lived through personally or my views on a subject. This is why I just don't blog on the fly. The response I have gotten from the loyal readers is amazing. To know that people relate to my weird self is out of this world! Would I love more views? absolutely! It spurs discussion and brings out different ideas. So definitely! But most importantly I content myself with the simple 'Thank you for that' messages I have gotten over the years.

Then the name, Femme-et-Noir! It's origin? really not that hard....It represents two minorities that I am very much a part of. For one, I'm black and proud and two, I'm a woman. I should not need to elaborate further given that you do watch the news and that in this day and time we are still fighting for equal pay etc as well as just plain well, staying alive. I reverted the name to French cause let's face it, it sounds better :) Ou bien?!

There ya have it folks. If you do not know me, I promise my blog is exactly who I am behind the screen and in person. I've had people say, " It's so you" or " It's like reading a page out of your diary". As always I'm looking to connect with the new comers but until then, THANK YOU for your positive vibes and feedback.

Je reste tousjours Femme Et Noir!

Always one of these..! :)

                                                                Peace&Love CeeTee
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  1. And here i thought it was all about me. Love the first phrase��. Vkey


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