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Dozen years..#CeelayinLA

                                     Once you start appreciating life, 
                           that's when you realize how much you truly have to live for.
I'm in awe of where I am but even more so of where I'm headed....The journey has been so enriching and full of life long lessons and I know there's so much more to come. The greatest teacher of all times is experience and regardless of who may try to break you they can never take that from you. Petite fille de Priso et puis berie and now trying to conquer the world! Hunny I deserve this and much more.

I love birthdays! I live for them. An opportunity to do it all again but this time better and badder *insert sunshade emoji*. It's an opportunity that many do not get to see so best believe that it is one I do not take for granted. #Aquariusgang better recognize. This is by far the biggest birthday turn out I have had in 'my old age' BY FAR! When I say these lovelies ALL flew in to #ceelayLA I mean a sister had to shed a tear or two. At the start of this all I'm over here like okay ten people max next thing I know that number doubled and still didn't believe it till I saw them all here in flesh...Man if this ain't blessings I don't know what is. All A1s and Day1s...I got much love for y'all and you know it cause I tell y'all everyday.

This is not about the talking that is definitely on its way. So let's get to the events shall we? I'm guessing that's why you came.

NB: Picture overload! And I'm still missing a few people in the pictures :(

My birthday fell on a Thurday (TGIT) this year so my two bellas Azie (my twin of life) and Nadia were here a day before to shower me with love. Watching all the TGIT shows ON TIME (cause we be bootlegging that ish) with Azie while eating roasted fish and dodo by yours truly is in the books for one of thee best moments of 2017. White coats anyone? LOL

Friday is where everybody else got in so we got in the car and drove down to pick everyone up and get the weekend started. I do themes because well it's my thing. So Friday was Ankara night and I made sure I sang a song so everyone complied and they DID. Gotta love them...We took over downtown in Ankara! Litty I tell ya! Y'all know Africans don't be sleeping at 2 am not when you're celebrating me at least. House turn up after that till the last person dropped. My memory after the lounge is very vague LOL.


Never catch me without my canon

Photobombing their twin shot

Photobombing Again and I even made it better;)

Bare with me: Douala babes, Chem Es,Sisters, jiggas ...My everyday support.

Roland's move when Len says lets kiss Crystal LOL

So we settled for this... <3

The twin you wish you had! 

Get you a brother that matches your fly! 
Baddest gfrere alive! 

Is there a higher word for love by any chance? lol!

My sissy <3

Douala babes for the win! 

My forever baby

Saturday we headed to walk of fame because what else will 23 people do all day? Walked the streets took a zillion pictures, hopped on an LA tour bus, made it back home to prep for the night. Friday was the warm up. Wait wait wait...Did I mention my baby Len was here to slay a sisters face all day and night and anytime in between. Love love you baby girl!
But yes Saturday was just us #CeelayinLA
                I've learnt that it is not what I have in my life
                                                                but who I have that matters. 

The boys! Why we were not smart enough to have everyone in one picture is above me.
Always on the job.


Out here like catch me on walk of fame...

Bus tour! Dope right? I know! 
If you noticed I had a camera in my hand every single night but Saturday night I was just on such a high and excited for the night ahead that I of all people didn't take solid pics in this bomb ass dress though...There's lots of Snap vids in the archives for sure!


Mood all year!
Glammed upp!

Thee only pictures from the club
Sunday I went to brunch with those with later flights..good talks and good food. What more can a girl ask for? I am beyond blessed and every year seems to just top the one before so now I'm like erm should we just rent Mars for next year? Cause y'all made this dozen ish year BOMB!

Brunch with views
I had mad fun and beyond.Will take me all month to get me off this high!  If you have me on snapchat you already know the turn up was mad real! We could have been in Bafang and the TU will still be real with palm wine Lol! Best crew ever...Hire us for your future events.

To each and everyone of you that came out, like I just freaking LOVE you! Thank you! thank you! Thank you for dealing with my craziness everyday and for always picking up when I call. I'm here whenever y'all need me you know that.

I guess now I gotta prep for next year...How do I book Mars? Through NASA?

#CeelayinLA crew: Azie, Asobo, Nadia, Kabsy, Christelle, Raynna, Gabby, Lenora, Laeticia, Joyce,  Bih, Martin, Jermaine, Lambert, Lionel, Felix, Gabriel, Loic, Steve, Roland, Takere, Leopold, Betrand, Sidney.

Fun fact: Only two people on this list live in LA the rest came in from out of town. #Blessup

Face beat: Lenora aka @bansodiva on all social media.

                                                                    Peace&Love CeeTee
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  1. Lol Mars is over rated. Saturn is pretty😍 u know with the thing round it.


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