Monday, November 20, 2017

No Ultimatums

                 You are never too old to set a new goal 
                                or dream a new dream

I was once asked what my ultimate goal was. After thinking about it for a whole minute, I couldn't quite pinpoint it so I said "There is no ultimate" and before I was looked at as the girl with no ambition, I quickly added " Where I am today was once my goal when I started university, now that I am here, I've established new ones"  What am I really saying you ask? It never ends. Just because you lost 50 lbs doesn't mean you stop going to gym. You continue so you can tone up, or you sign up for a 5k marathon or you decide to use your experience to inspire others and the list goes on. I could have said 'Be happy' but that is my every day goal not my ultimate, that is what I strive to be everyday not some day. I also could have said 'wealthy' but to me that is not defined enough. What will I be doing that will make me wealthy?!

We are all familiar with the question, "What is your 5 year plan?" The average person can plan that far out and even though things are bound to change. They may have an answer for you, however, if you circle back two years later it's possible that the goal has either changed or evolved. So then to use the word ultimate? Boy! my head is actually spinning because I can think of soooo many things I would like to achieve and be a part of but it also requires me to be in that future to really know it and the future happens to be indefinite so we're all just chasing a light [goals] at the end of the tunnel and changing our pathways [plans] as we do so. All this to say, no one ever ask, "Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?". Maybe you do have a 20 year plan but that plan is most likely broken up into segments. Simplest example I can think of, if some one said they see themselves being  a doctor in 10 years, that's pretty far out but here are the segments; 4 years of med school, 4 years of residency, 2 years of fellowship and then gbam it's official! (not really sure if that's how the process goes)

I have heard these three things before, first from former football coach at Notre Dame, Lou Holtz and a somewhat similar second from Mathew Mconaughey's Oscar speech and both do a great job at talking about the things we need in life. Watch both if you get a chance. I cannot remember who, but someone sent me Lou Holtz speech and I have the video saved for when I need a subtle reminder of what it is I need to be doing. Combining the wise words of both, I came up with my three things to always have :
  • Someone to believe in
  • Something to do and look forward to
  • Someone to chase
As humans we have to believe in something, either the goodness of mankind or believe that our family would not let us down. Regardless of what that is, we need that safe ground. I believe in God because everything works a lot better with him than it does without him. He never lets you down! Ever heard the saying; "An idle man is the devil's workshop"? That is true! Being bored causes you to text the ex that would have never crossed your mind if you had something to do and then you regret it but it's too late or eat all the carbs at home just cause well there's nothing to do. Don't be that person, always have something to do and things to look forward to. Be it graduation, the start of a business, first day at a new job and so on. It doesn't matter, HOWEVER, do not confuse movement with progress. Just because you're doing a lot doesn't mean you're getting a lot done. Let that sink in like seasoning... (What song was this again? It flowed so I went with it). My absolute favorite, someone to chase. Here's the logic, at 10 you wanted so bad to be a teenager, at 13 you wanted so bad to be sweet 16, at 16 you wanted to be 18 and somewhat independent, at 18 you wanted to be 21 so you can stop borrowing your sisters ID, at 21 you wanted to be 25 so car rentals can be cheap and it continues. Point being you're looking ahead, down the road, doesn't matter if you do it by a year or 10 years, you're looking forward. So always chase the you in the future but also be sure that the future you is worth chasing.

My goals comprises of the summary of these three and so I hope the aforementioned answer is a lot clearer now. There is no ultimate goal, I only continue to chase where I envision myself.

In the spirit of thanksgiving, I am thankful and grateful for all my readers, critics and supporters! It means a lot and I hope I inspire you to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday and to aspire to leave the world just a tad bit better than you met it.

                                                         Peace&Love CeeTee
4 comments on "No Ultimatums"
  1. Mbam! This thing make sense ya mami! Chop knuckle ����❤
    ~ Tili

  2. So inspiring!we all need ultimate goals and pursuing our future selves is all there is. Thanks CeeTee

    1. Indeed that is all there is. Thanks for reading :)


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