Sunday, November 5, 2017

Break the addiction

                    Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction.
                    Break the habit and talk about your joys.

How true is that quote? I saw the above quote on my friend, Sophia's snapchat and since then it's been lingering on the back of my mind. What we dwell on the most is what will keep manifesting in our lives. I always say speak positive words and profess your mantras ( If you have no clue what I'm talking about see this post). Trust me it changes your mindset and makes you feel sooo good on the inside. So it's actually quite logical that if you focus on the problem less and more on the good, the solution to the problem becomes evident a  lot quicker because your heart is full of the good stuff so can't nothing pull you down.

Now you're saying a problem shared is half solved. Indeed it is but we also have to be mindful of who we are sharing these problems with. As they say 90% don't care and the 10% are happy you got them Lol. Don't boil it up inside talk to someone who genuinely cares about it and then focus on what is actually going right cause think about it, it could be worse! And does it really help to think about the things going wrong? No!

I have never met a depressed yogi because they don't exist. I'm not saying get into yoga, even though quite frankly it's great practice of being connected to your spirit, but it's practices can teach you a lot. Releasing negative energy, breathing in positive vibes and thinking about the good in your life/ what you want to accomplish in the future. Doing so lets your subconscious almost always very subtly remind you of that goal or task that you are aiming towards and in so doing, you're very alert on the outside to something that will bring you closer to it. Imagine you keep picturing yourself in a brand new car, whenever, anything car pops up you're instantly alert and you react by either clicking the link or reading the poster or turning up the volume on the commercial. You may never have thought of it but that is your subconscious causing you to act. If you did not see yourself buying a car, but then you needed one, you're less likely to have these little details catch your attention. Same applies to everything! So why waste your time focusing on the negative and draining yourself of energy when you could use your mind to do so much more. The mind is a powerful tool, as Napoleon rightly said and I heavily paraphrased, "What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve". I legit have this on my wall as a vivid reminder that the power is in my hands and I can decide to say one day or call today day one. It is all up to you.

If training your mind to stray from the bad doesn't come easy to you, there's a lot of meditation apps for beginners that are extremely helpful or implement yoga into your daily routine. There are tons of youtube videos or free sessions at your gym (planet fitness excluded we struggling bruh) or buy motivational books and read.  Great suggestions are, the power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent or the alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I really could go on, even good ole gospel music does so much for our bodies and souls. If we all had happy thoughts, the world will be a way better place.

Make today, Day one!

                                                                 Peace&Love CeeTee
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