Monday, January 22, 2018

The Unexpected

                                              It's the unexpected that
                                              changes our lives. 

I'm late to the party (hides face) but HAPPY NEW YEAR! Won't he do it?! We're now living through 2018, a new chapter to do it all again except better. I'm not going to talk resolutions cause we all know how that goes LOL! At least you made the effort to have some so there's hope. You're one step ahead of the pack. I ALWAYS have resolutions and if I don't hit them all, well there's whole other year to try harder. I'm not the best at it but I really try (keyword) not to ponder over spilled milk because what's the point? Move on!

2018 started off for me as the year of the unexpected. I was traveling back home and if you're like me and you have to check in a bag, 9 out of 10 times my bag is either 50lbs on the dot or 2 lbs over. The night before I was fervently praying to come across a nice agent that will just let me through. I was really not trying to pay any fees for just a couple of pounds over. On this trip in particular, I had 2 bags I was checking in. I had made up my mind to pay for one since it was well over 50lbs.

I got to the airport and I'm standing in line seriously gaging the faces of the agents cause you know you have to find the one that has the kindest face (and hopefully the heart to go with it) and is smiling and actually looks happy to be at work. I'm next up and I decide to take my shot with the man at the end so that if I have to beg in a low voice no one will hear LOL! Me and my airport wahalas. So I put up my first bag and it was 53lbs and I put on my most angelic face for this guy to say "Ma'm your bag is over the required limit" to which I answer "Did I wish you a happy new year yet?" and then as I want to explain that I'll pay for the second bag so y'all are gonna get my coins either way, this lady at the side tells him it's the holidays just let it go. Look at God! Okay one bag down, second one to go. I put on the second bag and it's 71lbs (It should be max 70lbs) so he tells me to go to the lady at the end of the counter, pay for it and bring the receipt over. I walk down and the lady in question is the one who just intervened for me, pull up and show her the paper work and ask how much I owe them? She looks at her computer and ask if I'm a united member and I say yes (This airline is partners with United). She says what level? I was like "Ummm the first one". My status in no way grants me bags over 50lbs (I really wish they did) but somehow she said, "oh that's fine you don't have to pay". Like I know I prayed but to not have to pay at all was just over the top I was actually confused for a sec but I wasn't about to ask questions and have her change her mind or double check information. As I walked away from the counter bags all checked in and no dollar short I couldn't help but think of what just happened. I prayed I will only have to pay for one bag but then I got there and had to pay for none. Like this was GREAT! This was the start to my 2018.

I later on walked back over to the counter and thanked the lady profusely for her help and went on to security. 2018 is most definitely my year of the unexpected. This lady whom I had never met and certainly did not owe me a thing just helped me for no reason. If this is the start to 2018, best believe I'm here for ALL of it. That is indeed how God works in our lives, he will align people to help you regardless of if they like you or not it will just manifest itself. On a regular day in the past I would have called this luck, but I've come a long way to know that I am not lucky but blessed beyond measure.

Also funny thing, my aunt after wishing me a happy new year the day before said, if you begin the year traveling (since I traveled on the 1st) you will continue traveling all year to which I said a big AMEN!!!!! #catchflights2018 or nah. I could say a lot about how to ensure you have a good year but I'll keep it simple this new year, Do the unexpected and watch things happen. It only works if you try.

Here's to hoping I am even more consistent than I was last year :)

Happy New Year Fam!

                                                             Peace&Love CeeTee

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