Friday, February 16, 2018

A veinte Algo!

There are two great days in a person's life; The day we are born
                               and the day we discover why- William Barclay

I live for birthdays and you don't even have to know me to know that. It's probably written on my forehead. Life is a gift and so each day is another day to be grateful and have the opportunity to try again. I'm still so overwhelmed from the past 4 days in Cancun, Mexico, from the views at the condo to my support system celebrating with me and everything in between I just could not be more grateful. Please indulge in my celebration of life!

I got to Cancun on Thursday as did the rest of the crew minus one. It's quite a hassle getting out of the airport and getting a cab. The entire process is quite frankly about 1.5 to 2 hours. Goretti landed at about the same time as I did and much to our amazement Uber has recently been banned in Cancun so we queue up to get a cab and head to Condo. At this point Raynna's already all settled in and Marie-Louise is in transit to Cancun while Kabsy is finishing up her packing and wondering how she'll get my marble cake made by my fab gsouer to Cancun hahahah. In our cab we ask our driver for a cab driver who could be on call for us for the entire weekend and bless his heart for the contact he gave us. Jimmy was the most patient and resourceful soul. I recommend going this route especially if you're not doing the resorts cause you don't exactly just walk out and get a taxi NY style LOL. Anyways, we get to the Condo and it is absolutely gorge. The lobby just screamed photoshoot! Hunger stricken we text Jimmy and tell him we'll be heading to dinner. He recommends La Parilla  downtown which was thee full Mexican experience. Mariachi band, Mexican hats, waiters dancing with magaritas on their heads, just all over great. I did end up dancing with the band because well it's my birthday and after we had dinner they brought out a cake and the band sings for me. There was a full dose on this on my Instagram if you don't follow me already you totally should.

Keepsake from restaurant :)

We head back home to first get ready for the night and for midnight so I can dance into the new age LOL. At this point Marie- Louise is here already! I ring in all my midnight calls and we head out to la Vaquita in the hotel zone area. Definitely had a great night there! We tried getting the DJ to play African music but oga couldn't use youtube -_-. Got back home at 4am with plans of going to brunch at 930am but that failed epicly.

We got ready just in time to catch the ATV shuttle. First time doing this for all of us so were super excited. I'm not going to lie I did get stuck in a ditch at some point but it was a great activity altogether. We got done, grabbed lunch and headed back to the condo where Kabsy was now waiting for us. The ATV activity was about 3 hours total so we didn't get back till 4pm.

ATV shuttle and bit of extraness

Dinner reservations were at 7:30 but we ended up pushing it till 8:30 because it takes a while to look this damn good.

Dinner was beyond amazing. The waiters moved in coordination, presentation on ninety nine. Here's a few snippets can't be bush and take pictures of every thing.

Tea automatically came with cane sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon bite like what????        


Funny story, if it's your birthday or you're having a special dinner they bring out a macaroon in a ring looking box covered underneath a glass with roses. When we got there we saw them bring it out to someone and we all thought oh proposal and we damned near clapped till the guy didn't go down on knee. It all made sense when I got one for my birthday as well LOL and in case you're not paying attention this is the second birthday special I'm getting for my birthday ;). They gave each one of us roses too.

If you don't wanna stress for a proposal they got you just bring a ring. You're welcome!
After dinner we were headed to Coco Bongo but first photoshoot. The backdrop pretty much said you might as well.

My twin (Marie-Louise) flew from Swiss to spend 3 days with me on my birthday. Literally flesh of my flesh. I still can't find words. I loveeeee you twinnnnn!
Kabsy! I don't know why we can never act right LOL! Always by my side no matter what. 

Maria! Hey sistah soul sistah..She jumped through sooo many hoops to celebrate me and I'm just extremely grateful.
Raynna! Wifey and bank account LOL If you know you know lmaooooo! She finessed a whole law school class to be with me all through. 
Pretty much sums up my life minus a few 
Then on to the famous coco bongo! It gets super packed so we decided to go with VIP tickets so we have seats and a great angle to watch the shows! Best best best decision ever cause this place is packed. A must go! The shows are really well done and then I got a birthday shout out at coco bongo!!!! They stopped the show had a spotlight and camera on me and brought out a fake cake with a shot for me to take while everybody sang happy birthday definitely a high from that night! just so we're on the same page, this is shoutout number 3.

Saturday was dedicated to a lot of photoshoots we did that in the morning for what seemed like 5 hours but our photographer,Neo was a trooper like we got tired before he did. Absolutely dedicated and just the sweetest.

We then hurried off to swim with dolphins or in my case stand with dolphins smh. I shall change my story 2018. It was a great experience and the dolphins spoke English and Spanish and I still only know like 5 Spanish words! *crying* . Kabsy and I really tried to finesse these people into giving us many pictures but they weren't having it and yeah we tried taking pictures of our pictures (don't judge) but they literally hover over you. I paid for one though LOL

We got back rested up and back to photoshoot number two. I had yet another cake at home courtesy of my other twin Ziewi who couldn't make it but she stayed present in all activities hahaha so we cut that (cake #4).

Sisters in Christ and in Life
 Headed to dinner on the beach that ended with yet another cake and round of songs making it 5 birthday shoutouts/cake/songs in 3 days :) :) :).  I'm a happy camper. Our dinners the entire weekend were just real pretty and overall amazing! I actually only have videos of dinner on Saturday at our table but take my word for it when I say the views are impeccable. Post dinner we did have plans but with a few having early flights the next day we decided to call it a night plus this time we were trying to make brunch.

Special treats all weekend!
Sunday we went to the iconic Cancun sign. We had first seen it at night and ofcourse it was too dark and then we went during the day and the sun was too bright. Anyways you get the gist. We were there and we saw the sign!

Let's just say we made it a silhouette shot
Last brunch was a buffet by a lake at Captain Cove's and  got excited that they had Folere aka hibiscus juice hahahahahah. If you know you now! We headed back home and started prepping to leave. Remember Jimmy from above. Well here he is. The man has patience for all of Africa. Waited for us at every dinner or reservation we went to. I'm talking 3 hours just waiting. Was always on time and polite.

All good things do come to an end and I'm extremely grateful for these sisters of mine that will go to Mars if they needed to for me hahaha. Wait should we do that next year? LOL. Jk Jk we're chilling in a cabin in the woods next year in onesies binge watching shows on Netflix and that is my definition of doing nothing.

It's still my birthday all month so I'm nowhere done celebrating :)

Thank you all for your thoughts and wishes they make a girl feel extra extra special.

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  1. Jealousy to the max. Y'all look like some serious Amazonian goddesses in those bikinis tho. But as always I'm glad you had an amazing birthday even without me *snif snif*

    1. You were there in spirit! wuvvv youuuuuu!!!!! :*


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