Thursday, April 26, 2018

Don't Stop

      Don't stop when you're tired, Stop when you're done.

It's about that time of the year where I start looking at January me like she was so ambitious, how did she think she'll achieve all this?  That's also doubt and fear creeping in and a whole lot of laziness too. So I figured I'll share what I really need to be telling myself; " Just because you don't see it happening, does not mean it's not happening". It may not look like I've finished the race but I sure as hell am past the starting line. Please only take this to heart if you're actually doing something about achieving your goals LOL. Don't sit on your behind and expect mountains to move.

Always that one random pic that makes the cut 

The younger me was definitely ambitious and that's a good thing. Reading what I once wrote, I should be driving a Mercedes by now, but my honda baby blue  (yes that's my cars name) and I straight cruising LOL. In all fairness, could I join the California stigma and drive a luxury car? Sure can! It's all payments but it won't be smart way out not just yet and it will hinder other goals of mine. I'm all about working smarter not harder. This isn't about my wonder list though, this is about more in depth goals in life. The reason I get scared sometimes is because my goals are no child's play like picture someone walking you into an OR and saying operate and you've never done it before? that's pretty intense isn't it? That's how scared I get. It's your life and you are drawing out your path day by day like no one ever has. It may look like what someone has done before, your endpoint may be where someone is now but the journey is never the same. Oprah and Bill Gates, need I say how successful they are? okay I will. Both extremely successful people in their own way but their journey to success could not be more different. So what you are doing today, no one has done, take your time and do it right. The world only has one you.

Dare to be different
The only way to attack what's on your plate is to go at it piece by piece. Break it up, work at the little pieces and before you know it you'll be halfway through. If you need inspiration (hello my blog! no seriously, my blog!) look at the big picture. Think about what you want to attain and go from there. I'm sure as heck not saying it's easy, I'm just saying it can be done. Personally I stop crying when I think of this statement I once read; " I can't complain about what's on my plate, when all I wanted was to eat" the hood saying for " I remember the days I prayed for what I have now". They never lied when they said the grass is greener on the other side but the water bill is (SKY) high.

You still have 7 months, that's plenty of time to move one foot forward in 2018. The biggest regret is always the opportunity you did not grab, the time you let slip by. The time is going to go by regardless. It never waits for anyone so you might as well ride with it. Keep your head down, move in silence and no matter what you do, keep moving FORWARD. Don't carry last! People will intimidate you, use it as motivation. Others will try to control and stop you, work harder so that one day you can be the boss of them or make a couple more zeroes than they ever made. I don't know about you but the thought of that makes me smile and grind. Others will undermine you, even better that means they'll never see you coming, plan a grand entrance. My personal favorite ( also thee most annoying), people will say No, someday you'll thank them because their No will push you to learn and grow. No one can define who you are, what you will become or what you will achieve. You have that power, so as you go through this thing called Life, I pray you surpass expectations and inspire those to come. Don't forget now, good things take time.

Always walk with conviction. 
In case you didn't catch my drift the first like five times, Femme-et-Noir got you covered on motivation. We're always hype about life here, celebrating everything small and big :)

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  1. Honestly, this post came right on time. It’s been 4 months into 2018 now, n I was already feeling like giving up on a lot of things. The journey has been extremely tough. But with this piece, i’m definitely keeping my head up high.

    1. Hold on tight! It doesn't get easier but you definitely see results!!!! Happy to always motivate! We got this :)
      As always thanks for stopping by!


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