Sunday, October 27, 2013

What is wrong with society???!

Howdy folks!

Just got back from church (Praise!!!) and i'm inspired so i'm about to preach :). Side note: I envy writers cause of their creative minds and their ability to engage their readers....I on the other hand, am not a writer so when I get the slightest glitch to write, I do..Cause 2 hours down the line it'll be gone LOL.

We always look around us and see something wrong either with the world or what someone is doing. Its always just something that could be done better. And then we judge! A cousin of mine will always criticize/judge peoples actions whenever we were together and so one day I asked her "why do you always do that?" and her response to me was, "Someone out there is judging me too so i'm returning the favor." As funny as that answer was it did have a whole lot of truth to it. People talk about people. Its what people do. People will always judge people. Its what WE do. You know you've looked at someone and been like; "that shirt is not working"or seen someone at a position you wanted and you're like; "There's no way he got that over me fairly". To one person, 'twerking' is what is wrong with the world and to another processed food is. The answers vary over a very wide range.

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