Wednesday, December 25, 2013


"Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are"

I do not know the author of this saying but having been to boarding school I heard it quite a lot. I also believed it to be very true up until now. I still somehow think it true for example; if you were friends with only nerds, chances are you begin to show nerd-like qualities. But let me tell you why I now look at this statement and doubt it.

I have been blessed beyond measure with the most amazing friends. I know quite a lot of people but real friends, I can count on the tip of my fingers. My friends are people with big caring hearts who see potential in me even when I don't. I am a hard person to deal with so it amazes me that they do put up with me and love me as much as they do. I don't know what I did to deserve it but i'm just going to keep being me cause apparently its working :).

Now here's why I do not believe the quote. If my friends are the angels they are that means I should be an angel too...Right?! but man know thyself, I do not think I am. Their big hearts, loving smiles, caring attitude and Big brains!! (They all freaking smart..def didn't pick up on that lol). They are so much better than me which helps me cause I get to look at them and strive to be better so that I do not let myself or them down. They make me strive to be a better person and support me in all my endeavors. I'm not sure what they learn from me but they're keeping me around so HEY! I'm a happy camper.

So in this season on this day, I'm giving a shout out to my clique! The ones who believe I can do anything I want. The ones who support me along this journey called life. I don't tell them how much I love them enough. Thank you alone will not suffice to express my gratitude towards you all!If you do have friends not friends appreciate them while you still can because unlike family that has no choice but to love you, they actually do have a choice and they chose YOU.  As they say;

                                 "Give your loved ones flowers
                                                      while they can still smell them"
Because of you all, I AM BLESSED!

PS: dedicated to those who chose me!
                                                                Joyeux Noel

4 comments on "Amigos!"
  1. First off, am pleased with the fact that you do realize you are a hard person to deal with, and acknowledge one's effort to put up with you. lol
    Secondly I applaud your effort in finally realizing and referring to "us" as angels, though it took you so long. And of course stating that you are not an angel was no news,tho I liked that. lol
    Thirdly, didn't really have to put this one down. Anyways "we" all know "we" are smart and I think everyone knows that by now. lol
    That been said, "we" were wondering when you'd come out and thank "us" for all "we" do for you, that you brought it up, (I know I speak for all when I say) "we" thank you too. "We" learn a lot from you than you know it. So yeah, "we" love you too. Stay blessed. Cheers! ;)

    1. Hahahahhah I can totally guess who this is! better late than never right?? at least now i know! lol!!! Love always :) xoxo

  2. I personally dont believe in this statement because I used to be outside all the time working punishment when my frens were seated in class studying and acing all their exams lool whoeva believes in that statement has not been in a situation like ds so happy I met u I remember our early years in school u seemed to hate me soo much cant remember how and when it changed and now ur still a very important part of my life.I dont hav all those qualities u named above but am sure there is stil somfx gud u saw in me to be there fo me all ds years and ur neva gonna leave that I kno for sure.tanx fo everfx and tanx fo being you.u just dont realise how much impact u have in our lives u cant c somehow u dont hav to... u jt remain hu u are.. remain true to who u are thats y we love u

    1. I definitely know who this is! You were one stubborn kid, still are but i love you regardless. You are definitely a gem that i keep close to my heart..distance or not big sis is always here ;) And Thank you darling :)


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