Saturday, December 28, 2013


So yes i'm 3 days late  but that doesn't really matter...Fact is i'm here now ;).
Christmas was AMAZING! spent it with my sister and cousins that i haven't seen in say 3/4 years! def had a good time...Okay less talking more viewing :)

PS: picture overload! LOL

Cousin love :)

Zee ladies!

Martinis on deck!

Convo time! Always talking!

My cousin badder than yours!

Our gorgeous host couple!


That soya was the deal!
Uncle and his nieces!

Uncle Mau :)

Gotta have one of these!

Sistah sistah!!!

My 'let me explain' face...

Mickey toms lol

And Shots to end the night

It was a great Christmas! Love my family to death :) Family truly is everything!

Shout out to our bar tender extraordinaire Kaya! ;)


2 comments on "Christmas!"
  1. The pictures are gorgeous....i love how they depict the importance of family.Thanks for sharing these and you look good especially!!!

    1. Thank u hun! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas :)


I appreciate your comments :)

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