Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Question: Are you ready?!

I had to laugh when I actually decided to write this out. I was at the gym on my usual elliptical you know burning 1/4 of the calories I took in today away just to feel better and text messaging my long time high school friend...when we wondered off to how it seems everyone around us was getting jobs or busy doing something or just having their lives fall in place and it seemed like we were just pretty much here doing nothing. After bashing ourselves and talking about our own plans which are still to come to pass...the moment that followed was almost magical well atleast for me... and I looked in the mirror ahead of me and smiled. Now this does NOT happen. Usually after I realize everyone is on the prowl I hit myself hard and fall into this depression stage and ask God why it had to me of all children to let my parents' down or as my african people go talk abi 'disgrace' lol. but today was different..I looked in the mirror and smiled and just seem to realize that my time is coming until then I keep working and I keep praying.

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