Monday, September 29, 2014

Second chances?! Nah

                    "If I got rid of my demons,                                       
                                              I'll loose my angels too"
  I know it's been a minute since I've been here but y'all this school ish is the realest.. Like the struggle is super real but nothing I can't handle (this is where you say Amen if you didn't already). However, had this convo with a good friend ( MM) and something struck me that I just had to write about. We were talking about birthdays and 'old age' and wondering what we would have done different if given the chance...At that point it hit me when I thought Yeah! I made some pretty dumb choices in the past and it will be great to be given a chance to erase them and make them better but then due to those dumb choices I grew into this awesome (yes I think i'm awesome, if I don't who else will?) lady because of the lessons I learnt from those experiences. I built my resilience towards things that happen in life and I know my WORTH.  If I went back and changed everything, I would not have grown into who I am..I will be way less experienced and less confident in what I can handle. So the question is, do I want to have all my mistakes erased and still be a learner (get it? lol) ? Or do I want to remain the phenominal person I'm growing into? My answer: The latter! I wouldn't change a damn thing! Yes, some experiences were pretty bad but I made it and I'm still here..And I learnt and I grew and now I know waaaay better.
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