Thursday, June 11, 2015

I Can't Keep Calm

Post grad and you'll think I'll have all the time in the world not to be MIA right? Lol! I'm still in awe that I walked the stage and I'm so eager to be part of corporate America! ayeee I'm old! lol

Leading to this time I've been up and down with my faith, wondering what will become of my life, wondering what steps to take. Annie did not lie, "it's a hard-knock life" out here. In all I kept my faith that all will be well and kept telling myself I did not come this far to be stuck. The one thing that worried me however, was fighting between the thin lines of faith and putting my eggs in one basket. I looked at faith as do one thing and have faith that it will fall through and on the other hand I was like but its bad market to put all your eggs in one basket shebi? Unless it's a relationship, honey one basket is all you should even be able to deal it.

On this one, my faith plan held but I still ponder on the difference above just a little bit. The life lesson in this is, I can't keep calm when God is working. If he is constantly paving my way and showing me the light then I can't just be sitting on my behind. Equally I need to learn to see his grace in my day to day activities. It's as simple as going to the mall or anywhere on a hot day and praying for a parking spot close to the door ( you know we all do that) and as soon as you get there you see a car pulling out. People call it luck ( truth be told I'm the most unlucky person on planet Earth lol Blessed yes, lucky nope! ) but I say it's God working. Acknowledging his work will go a long way.

I'll end this rant by saying, hustle, do you and God will do the rest. Like everything else you have to show him you need it and he will give it to you else some other hustling soul will take it from you. Never give up hope and again HUSTLE! you do not know how good you have it.

I stay thinking Tyra is my aunts daughter cousins husbands niece.

Me not keeping calm hahaha

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  1. U dey shake set u get leprosy....... I know I have tell God everything even the crazy ones and I know as we sang in OLLC God holds the future in his hands that he will never go wrong with us. Qui nous peut d'abord......haha
    Do ur part n let him do the rest.k6

  2. Caption ���������� "i stay thinking Tyra is my aunt's daughter cousins husbands niece"


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