Saturday, July 18, 2015

Who do you do it for?

No matter how passionate we are about our dreams or goals, a lot of times in our lives there's a driving power that pushes us to be more, to continue to move forward, to do YOU. Along the way some people loose track of themselves or forget why they're even doing what they are doing.

Obviously your number ONE driving force should be you! you should be able to convince yourself to hustle hard but should you disappoint yourself there's always a shoulder to lean on. No one does something only for themselves, there's always some other person inspiring them or pushing them to be great.

The most common force behind an individuals success is; parents and kids. I would like to say those fall in mine as well in addition to a few others. My parents are my life! PERIOD. Madre is my QUEEN. I grew up well fed, protected and was granted the greatest gift of all education and they made sure I went to the best. My dad will say you better not end up in a mushroom school LOL I had to keep them grades up, growing up as an ex professors kid, I got it coming. I remember as a kid, my dad made me memorize the entire multiplication table in a week, two for each day and I had to go up to 14. You should have seen my face when I had to the 1,2,10 and 11 lmaooo. I'll stand there and say it out loud but when I got to 6, 7 and 8 bruh ish was real! Good times but I digress...

Where was I?
Ah! Parents! I've had this mentality which my moms and pops dearest instilled in me, offer your kids better than what you got. That mentality alone tells me I have to hustle; first to make my parents proud and second to give my kids a life better than me ( That is a challenge I swear! them munchkins will have to go Harvard and go for vacations in a private jet. I don die!). Now my third reason; is to do it for the generation to come, for my young cousins and nieces and nephews. If we do not lead, they will not follow and hence theirs will be a lost generation. By doing my part and showing them that nothing good comes easy I am instilling in them the desire to work hard to achieve their goals and hence acquire the lifestyle they desire as opposed to thinking they can just maneuver their ways around everything. Talking about this reminds me of my two little rascals, Michael and Harris. So young yet so ambitious, still in middle and high school yet are already positive of what they want to become and won't take no for an answer. They and many more of younger ones inspire me to be even greater so they have a path to follow and overcome. Lastly, I do it for those who know I can. My support system of friends who have become family who celebrate my every step and are always a hand stretch away when I need them.

So on a rainy day when I feel like I am a failure ( and yes this happens quite often), I think of my hard working parents, the faces of my beautiful unborn kids ( somehow I think i'll have twins) , the generation of tomorrow that I fear for everyday, the blessings I call friends in my life and I just do it.  So who do you break your back for??

                                                              Peace&Love CeeTee
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