Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The beginning of the end.

Ah the nostalgia, the satisfaction, the pride, the freedom, the challenge to have seen the beginning of an end. I always anticipated when I will grace the stage and envied others ahead of me but alas! my day came and I graced the stage as remarkably as I possibly could being the me I am I had to make a statement.

I could write a book of my journey but the whole point here is to be grateful of how far I've come and bless me Lord I am not where I used to be. It's a new day y'all. 29th engineer in my family and more to come...! My path was not straight but then again when has my life ever been? Lol! but regardless of the trials, mama I made it! I call this the beginning of the end because I am not done, matter of fact I am no where near done but this is a step forward, a step in the right direction.

So y'all know I have to preach right?! Okay good. The most important lesson is that it will not always go how you expect it too but best believe that it will go as God intended it to be. And just to add to these my baby (Maungwi) sent me these tips that I thought i'd share cause they hit the spot.

  • Don't give in to self-doubt
  • Trust in your instinct
  • Don't force love 
  • Create reasons to love yourself
  • Regardless of the circumstances you will figure it out
  • Confidence comes with experience
I am ultimately blessed to have the amazing support system that I do but to my team who made my reception happen no amount of thank you's will be enough, I'm grateful . Thank you Thank you Thank you!  To my fellow graduates of 2015, Congratulations! Go forth and make a difference.  


Badass chemical enginners

Candid with my Partenaireeeee 

My banana

And then my reception!


Bernice! heart this chica all dayyyy.

My baby! proud mama bear

Mi loves..S/O to my badass photographer MP (in white)

Sisi and I ( love this picture)

And it's a wrap folks! I have so many more pictures but chose to spare y'all LOL. To all my loves who showed up and those who have been calling I could not be more grateful for your infinite support.

                                                                      Peace&Love CeeTee
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