Friday, October 16, 2015

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Writing that title brings the famous song to mine the whistling at the beginning you know? Okay if you don''s okay you're probably too young to remember it but IT IS a classic though!

As usual I'm just going to preach about what you already know/ what you know and forgot about/ what you know and choose to not implement cause you're stubborn (Like me!).. Do not waste precious time worrying about what you cannot control, about a future you have not yet lived or a past you have left behind. Not an easy task if you're a 'worrier' like me I swear I worry about my wedding going off without a hitch ( even though that's really up to my MOHs) and No I'm not engaged not even close to it, I just like to worry and plan and worry again when the plan doesn't go as planned. I swear God be laughing so hard at me when I draw these plans cause he knows he's about to be reroute me worse than an apple GPS (Had to throw shade I'm team android ;) ). Anyways this is not about me well not specifically, but it's about using me as a guinea pig to help YOU.

Yell them out if you have to,then let go.

I read this awesome story about a man who each night when he got back home, before he walked into the house, he touched a tree and walked into his home with a smile to his wife and kids like his day went off perfectly. When asked what that implied he said at the end of everyday he passed on his troubles to God via the tree (kinda weird I know but hey! whatever works) because his worries do not need to affect his family and the next day he looks at the tree and wonders why the hell he was even worried.

Like this guy I know there are times when we wonder why we were so worked up or stressed over something. I know I do. Most importantly though we need to focus on how our worries affect those we love. We cannot be worried and sad and expect them not to worry as well..that's just depressing the entire clan! So do me a favor, stop worrying! LOL cause if you get ya mom worried who gets your dad worried who gets your grand mom worried who gets her sister worried I'm telling you it ain't pretty. So think about them as you worry, you are their problem too! ( Lowkey wished that worked with like loans too hmmm- if any of y'all are reading erm wanna pay off some debt?! maybe?)

So my message today is simple! Don't worry be happy! Don't waste time that cannot be regained on superfluous problems. Leave it to HE who has your future in his plans! I tell you his plans for you are way bigger than you expect.

You got this!

Side note: Is it me or has 2015 flown by way too fast? It's almost November!

                                                          Peace&Love CeeTee
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