Thursday, November 19, 2015

Know You!

                                 When you know yourself, you're empowered. 
                                                               When you accept yourself, you're invincible.

We know a lot of people and a lot of people know us, but then how many people really know us and how many people do we know?! Scratch the 500 IG friends or those you strictly turn up with... How many people really know us?

When you fixing to be ready...

Almost ready but not quite!
I've had circumstances where people I know call me and say "oh yesterday you acted like this or didn't act like this...." and I'm perplexed because I start thinking are you sure we were at the same place? cause uhm yeah that was seriously misinterpreted. While it's truly a bore but sometimes a pain it made me realize that we do indeed think and act differently from each other. My normal is not your normal and will never be your normal. However, if you know me we well enough, you'll agree my intentions are good regardless of the situation. The reality of life is, we never view anything the same. So even if your mind is in the right mindset, to someone in this world best believe you are the devil. Still beats my imagination how people have bad things to say about Oprah! ( I'ma say a prayer for y'all) As long as you are happy with yourself and actions, do not let other people into your head but if YOU have doubts about your actions, then re-evaluate yourself.

Okay now I'm ready
 Funny thing is at the same time that people condemn my behavior, of course I run a quick check with my confidentes to find out if I was out of line and answers like ' you were being you boo' make my day. Make no mistake, they'll be first to set me straight but then they're also very knowledgeable of what I am capable of and what is just beneath me.

Fierce and always me
I skipped coloring class..went for math instead -__-
Granted I know a lot of people but if you asked me if some of those people were capable of murder I can vouch for a few hands down, the rest HEY! I don't know them well enough to deny that fact. (FYI in case you're on trial for anything don't call me as a witness if we ain't cool like that #justsaying). I am saying all this to say don't be quick to judge others based on a first, second or even third appearance if you do not know them. You don't know their story so observe and move on. Don't be spreading false information to others, who had better things to do than observe, and poison their minds against someone they don't know. We're all human beings with our faults and boy! do we know how to judge. If you must, do it silently in your heart and carry on!!!!

Key is in the details
I appreciate those who do take the time to tell me cause at least they can say it to my face but to be honest as soon as they lay their complaint it only makes a lot of other things clearer and that is okay! Everyone cannot be your person and everyone is sure as hell not your person. I can tell you that.
We all have opinions and we won't always agree, but we can mutually respect one another.

That's a smile for the one who give a damn to care!
So take the time today to evaluate those who truly know you, once you do, a lot of petty stuff from people who don't matter will never be an issue. Less stress, less wrinkles baby! Forever young!

Always trust your gut
Live. Laugh. Love
Until next time folks.
Gotta give some well deserved shourouts. The bible said "seek and ye shall find"! I have wanted a colored coat for forever and God sent Arielle to wear hers in my befall, so for a year I have been on her case for it and as they say consistency is key ;) Btw if you need your hair did in the Dallas and Louisiana areas check her out on IG sue's belle coiffure. To my photographer and face beat extraordinaire, lil miss diva herself, Lenora Thanks baby! She did all that :)
Almost the end of November..time is speeding by.

                                                                 Peace&Love CeeTee
3 comments on "Know You!"
  1. Awesome piece girl!! And though I agree with you, I must say that it's natural to judge because like you said "my normal is not your normal"... But then like you said again "If you must [judge], do it silently in your heart and carry on!!!!". These differences in every individual are what make life beautiful. If we were all the same and had the same mindset, life would be so boring... Thanks for being the dynamic you and stay true to yourself. Lots of love 

    1. And this is exactly why I still have you in my life! Always full of wise words. Thanks Kom :) and thanks for being an avid reader!

    2. :-) touché! Anytime CeeTee...keep it up


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