Friday, March 4, 2016


                                            "The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide
                                              that you are not going to stay where you are. "

Steps are the guides that lead us to the next point, the next step, the next level.  And somewhere in that lies the confusion of life (at least in my life). The bittersweet truth about steps is once you go up, there’s no going down and once up, the tasks only get harder. No wonder it’s so easy to go down the stairs than go up the stairs lol! 

The blazer is fly..I know! I designed it!

The most important thing we need to remember is not to be tempted to go down. Most people will help you down because;

1) They don’t understand why you’re trying to rise when they are content with being down. 
2) They’re not risk takers and hate a challenge 
3) They are just haters. 

That’s why you need a good circle, I’m talking about pillars of strengths as friends who will hold you up even when they don’t understand a damn thing. Their belief in you is enough.

Okay back to my confusion…I lost my own self. Typically I give solutions in my post, but like any other person I get confused and I make mistakes ( like a lot of them). How do you know when to take the next step? How do you know if you’re ready for the next step? What if it’s not what you expected? Can you rise above that or is it back to the drawing board? Let me simplify this thinking eh! *scratches head* okay so let’s say with boyfriend (BF) number one, valentines’ day was dinner and flowers. BF number two booked the entire restaurant and had a 100 roses delivered…Now with BF 3 and valentines’ around the corner..let’s be honest (by honest I mean think on the spot don’t make this deep and about feelings and how you’re not materialistic LOL just get the point) your valentine day expectations are sorta HIGH. Ya dig? Now that’s steps! It’s how you top the step you are currently standing on. Grown up problems!

I am at a stage in my life that is essential for where I want to go (at least in this domain) but papa God this step is hard, draining, exhausting, (insert your own ing ) etc. So the questions I ask myself are; do I search for better or bearable? do I sit the storm and wait for the rainbow? and the best one of all: Is this even where I should be? like what is the lesson? Cause all I see is sleepless nights. The answer may seem like a no brainer. You know, there is light at the end of the tunnel....good things don't come easy ( TRUTH cause I be going through the hard times)..I know all those but trust a sister when I say " this one pass my power". 
The answer just might be in that quote! If you didn't read it, this is where you scroll back to the top of the page.

This is where I will say “the moral of the story is…” but I am at a point in my life where I'm still trying to figure out why things look easy and but once you dive in are so hard!! I feel like Oprah will answer my questions but the way my network is set up all I've got is you guys ;). What I do know is until you take the risk, you’ll never know and if you never take it, you’ll always wonder what would have happened if you had. But if you do have those questions figured out for your life, then you my friend have mastered 50% of this thing called LIFE. As for me, myself and I, I'll put my trust in the universe and go with the gut feeling (half the time that gut feeling just wants to be on the beach in barbados sipping on a ..wait.. huh..*slaps self*).  

Love love this picture!

I do know this though, there are steps for a reason.. Do not over estimate yourself and jump too high. Sometimes the key points are in between. At the same time, do not underestimate yourself that you don't move, you're taking up space. Feel free to help a sister out with tips on how to navigate steps! I'm done ranting, as this month says people, MARCH on!

                                                                Peace&Love CeeTee
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