Saturday, April 9, 2016


 I happened to re-read Mayas' poem Take time out. The second stanza in particular caught my eye.
                                 "........Use a minute
                                       feel some sorrow
                                       for the folks
                                       who thinks tomorrow
                                       is a place that they
                                       can call up
                                       on the phone.
                                       take a month
                                       and show some kindness
                                       for the folks
                                       who thought that blindness
                                       was an illness that
                                       affected eyes alone..."

We are indeed blind without knowing that we are. Oblivious to the obvious things clearly in front of us. Looking past what is and expecting something much more better, forgetting that at the end of the day we would have aged but not lived and all the while blind to what was clearly written in front of us. By then it would be regrets for the things we should have acted upon, the things we wished we saw. I had an encounter with a blind man once and his imagination blew my mind. What he saw, I just couldn't with my vision. Most at times we look too far when the answer is really up close. 

I took a circuits class once, hard class! Even harder for me who is anti-physics. Professor gave us the first exam and we were prepared for the worst. The average for the exam was approximately a 65 and that was the easiest exam he ever gave in his teaching career, or so he said. We went into the exam expecting the worst and so when we read a simple question, to us, it just could not be simple and so we complicated it and came up with solutions that were not needed. In other words we made up our own questions and answered them. Common for engineering students. Now my lesson to this sort of relates to the lesson of blindness. We were blinded by what we thought should be and ignored what was. Safe to say I have never had another 'easy' exam after that one lol! probably for the better. 

    Open your eyes! open your eyes! open your eyes! As my friends say I watch a lot of movies but in my defense they do have good lessons. So take note of the guy across the street who always tries to have a cup of coffee, take the time to consider the little opportunity presented to you cause you just never know..... Tomorrow is what we make of it today true, but at the same time it takes a lot of little steps to make a huge leap. Laborare est orare ( No sweat ,No sweet) hard work pays off in the long run not on the next day. Think about it this way, if you were trying to get abs no matter how long you work out in one day those abs don't come knocking the next morning..It requires HARD WORK and CONSISTENCY and so does everything in life. And I do speak out of experience! The ab struggle is real. 

Save the best for last :)
S/O to my Photographer(s) extraordinaire. The things you make friends do.

                                                              Peace&Love CeeTee
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