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The last time I visited London was 10+ years ago, so I was over the moon to be visiting family and dear friends. Nothing beats that!

My trip was off to rough start with American airlines canceling my flight taking one day out of my already short vacation. So upon arrival I was ready to just go at it and do and see everything. Having visited "innit" when I was younger, if y'all have Mcdonald's I was a happy camper lol! Back when life was that simple. This time, however, I had a lot of appreciation for the architecture. The city has a nice vintage charm to it..for lack of words, it is very English! Second most important thing, London is tiny! The houses and roads are so small. It's almost just too cute and annoying at the same time lol. Plus on the roads, what are stop signs? yield signs? where they do that at? Driving is on another level. Tout le monde se comprend. I'll dive straight into the pictures and let them narrate my stay!

My first stop was Picadilly Circus, London's very own New York. It kind of has the times square vibe even though I was so caught up taking it in that I forgot to take a picture of the huge screens. Sorry guys!

Not that anyone uses these anymore but still a classic!

oh that's a nice fountain! ignores history behind it and poses

Souvenirs are a must! Plus the sale sign attracted me ;)

Good ole big red bus
Key to traveling: Eat like a local. 
You see the vintage charm I was referring to now? 

No one goes to London without seeing the queen or at least attempting to. If those guards were not holding AK 47s ( Do people still use these? that's the only gun name I know from movies so I'm running with it lol) I would have pulled off the crazy american and ran through.

Gates leading to Buckingham palace
Zee palace popo

The statues surrounding the palace is come and see go and tell. That's all I got.
 Listen, if I so happen to marry English royalty and they decide to have the wedding at the palace which I'm totally cool with. My family plus extended family I got y'all. No hotels needed. Come in your numbers hahahahah!

When the pigeons photo bomb your pic

Blogger things! (before)

The product

On this same day I waka tire oh! Which leads me to mobility in London. They are not lazy. People use the trains and buses and they walk! If americans nova take Uber tire. They do have Uber here obviously, but the traffic just makes the trains so much faster. So I burnt a good at least 100 calories everyday just getting from one place to another on top of that it was cold. Not nice breeze type cold I mean have a jacket type cold. So forget the shorts and crop tops I packed lol they were for extra weight. Destination number two was the famous London's eye.

Spy the 'Big Ben'
London's eye

Tour partenaire extraordinaire

I cannot thank this beauty enough for touring London with me cause heaven knows I would have gotten lost well well. As she rightly says " There is no thank you in friendship. Just the silent relief and satisfaction that made the right choice having me as a friend". If you care eat fufu instead of choosing your friends wisely.
Nothing but love for this amor! my Vicky :)
After a whole day of sight seeing I met up with the entire squad to wind down or so we thought! Keep reading.

Following this picture we decided to go bar hopping in Picadilly. Upon arriving and getting out of the train station a promoter walks up to me with a club deal. Now you know I'm not one to turn down dancing so we decide to check it out and this spot was turnt on thursday and on top of that one of the Djs is from Douala #winning! While I'm 'getting it' and loosing track of time the train stations close at 12 lol and we got out of the club at 1am so yes people we had to figure out bus routes to get home and then walk quite a bit. I couldn't stop laughing. So we ended up taking a bus and has 29 ( let me spell it out in case you only caught the 9. TWENTY-NINE) stops to get the house and a good 20 minute walk past a tunnel that said beware of burglars. Hmmm I was ready to channel my inner Usain Bolt. We did make it home safely though!

On the last of my sightseeing trips I took over Oxford Circus with my twin.

When I braced myself and took the train by myself

MY TWIN! Who separates twins and sends one to the UK? smh
And the day before I could head back to the US. I met up with my Ninane (Nina for you guys lol). So many years in between but nothing has changed. I am so proud of these ladies.

This would not be complete without a picture of my heart beats. They literally made me smile with their whining and jumping. I miss them so dearly. There's actually 4 but for some reason I only have pictures of the littles ones smh!

I was trying to sleep when they decided my bed was best for their video games.
Roman history day at school!
Commandant himself! (ignore my wine, je vis bien chez ma souer)

That concludes my trip to London! Until next time....I have family there so it's a legit excuse to just always go.

                                                            Peace&Love CeeTee
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