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Truth be told Malta is not a place I would have visited on my own but thanks to le sis graduating from there, I decided I might as well and I knew without a doubt it will be my first and last visit Lol! It was a nice experience don't get me wrong I just did and saw all that needed to be done and seen so no need to return.

Really brief geography y'all, not that I know much but Malta is Island close to Italy. Main languages are Maltese and English. End of lesson! (I hated geography). The country gave me the small town in Italy meets Greece vibe. Very different from anywhere I've ever been if i'm being honest. It was a good experience though! From the narrow streets ( If you can drive in Cameroon, you'll fit right in lol), to the rocky beaches and ancient buildings..It was a stunner in itself.

Views from the six, sorry the plane 

Malta airport
Deplaning via stairs
Views from the apartment
So I did mention I went for a grad right?! It was held at a museum, forgive me I was trying to look serious with the 1001 dignitaries that showed up. I forgot I had a camera.

Grad location views..Marina things
Before I go into what I wore, I must say at the end of the ceremony I was sipping on my complimentary wine minding my business while my cousin took class pics when the former president of Malta, very casually walked up to me and said, you are the best dressed yet. Mind you then, I just thought he was a nice old guy LMAOOO till someone else said what was the president telling you, I was like " president?". See how I missed opportunity to join Malta government *Inserts laughing emoji*. I should mention that the people are extremely down to earth and so very friendly!
Repping Camair even on Islands! 
The Maritime law graduate
Beauty and brains
After graduation, sissy picked up her tour guide hat and I proceeded to explore the city.The main hotspots as well as the beaches. The views from the beach are really pretty. I just wish it had more sand than rocks. Almost spoiled my poor sandals for me. Like this sandals still has 5 years to go.

Oya pose
Second beach we visited na! This is where it gets interesting Lol! So we got a cab to head out there (as you can see below) He gets to a certain point and he says car can't go down there so you have to walk it. I'm sitting here thinking okay walk through this path and gbam! water. For where?! Wedo the first semi leg of the walk, still no water. So we still keep walking down the path till we see water in a distance but we are perplexed as to how we can get there. Mind you there's people down there but we're just like " how the hell?". We later on found out there were like raggedy stairs at one other angle that we completely missed.

Narrow streets. Heading to the beach.
Beach zoomed in from a distance
So above is clearly the destination and since we took a wrong turn, below is our path that we somehow found. Thank God, for boarding school common sense, semi fitness skills and balance. It took me down to the water.

On dirait la route de Bafang lol
Yandi suggested we go down holding hands, but I lovingly said listen I am not falling with anybody because if you fall I am leaving your hand and then I'll cry later. So she quietly looked for a stick that will help her down lol! Les villageois vraiment. 

Once we made it down to beach civilization, madam started posing like the journey down didn't take courage and gospel music. Only for me to get down there and people are diving into the OCEAN not pool oh Ocean as in if that water takes you, that's the end! I quietly inquired if I could just like go in and flex, and they all said the water was pretty deep. So as a child who loves life, I peacefully stayed my behind on the rocks and admired the views.

White etched walls creating the beach.

Anti-swimmers be like

At the bus station serving face
I will never go anywhere without checking out the nightlife and surprisingly enough Malta delivered. Downtown was popping. So many bars, clubs and restaurants. Ah they made my night! PLus Yandi and I have never gotten it before but people seemed to think we were twins lol. As she's yellow sisi and I'm team caramel/dark chocolate (depending on the weather).

Night chronicles

That my darlings, is my Malta experience for you. If you're just looking for a very very very laid back place and ancient buildings by all means visit Malta Lol. I definitely had my fill and got souvenirs to remember the one time I was strutting on that particular European island. 

Now it's back to the books to plan next year's trip! I'll gladly take suggestions but I think my mind is made up.

                                                              Peace&Love CeeTee
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