Sunday, July 24, 2016

Count your blessings!

             "Don't forget to fall in love
                                                               with yourself first"

It is very important to have goals in life but as humans we are so focused on #goals and that goal alone that we forget the 'in between'. When we do get to that goal eventually, we would have forgotten to live because our mindsets were stuck on that, our happiness was stuck on that, our success was defined by that. So until that moment in time, we forget to live. We would have gone through a few weeks, months or even years like a breeze.

I am very guilty of this and I'll use the simplest example. Being the shoe lover I am, when I get a good (over $50) pair of shoes, hmmm if it's not Obama's invitation to the white house (you get my point) I just simply don't imagine myself wearing it out ever. Like, what is worth is my expensive shoes? Lol! Why wear it on a date? Is this boy even worth me wearing this shoe? And the list goes on..... So going through my pile I found a couple that I've never worn and some that I've worn once and others that I've just over done and so I begin to ask myself, "What are you waiting for?" If God says that perfect date is coming in 10 years (Don't do me like that big G) this shoe will wait 10 years? It's not possible! So I decided to celebrate me everyday by wearing all these shoes when I get a chance be it church, brunch, birthdays etc to look in the mirror and feel good. Walmart ain't ready!!! There is joy in celebrating one self! Never do it for another always for you! I cannot emphasize this enough LOVE YOU FIRST. 

Do not wait to celebrate that BMW so much so that you forget your troop the Honda taking you from point A to B. Anticipate the future always but live in the present. Take the time to smell the roses, cause tomorrow may be too late. We've always heard of the saying "Do not push to tomorrow what you can achieve today" I have never had it better implied than when my cousin brought it up to me. During my trip to London, I had meant to visit my cousin and his kids but me and my 'up and down self' ' and his busy schedule just didn't seem to match. Finally on the eve of my departure, I texted him and said unfortunately I was leaving the next day and did not get to see him and his family but there's always a next time. He replied and said he will take me to the airport in the morning but we would stop by his place first so I could say hi to the kids real quick. When he picked me up he said, we never know what tomorrow may bring but we have time to do this today so do not push to tomorrow what you can achieve today. I am grateful for him pushing through because had he not done that  I would not have seen my niece and nephews for another Lord knows how long! So if you have the time do it today and if they (family,friend etc) are worth anything to you, trust me you'll make the time.

Wait for it.....
Lastly, folks do not wait for promotions and recognition to be happy with yourself. Those are only an acknowledgement of the awesome being you have always been. Prior to that you were great and after they pass, you are still great. Let us not live our lives by others definition of our hard work. Celebrate you always, and when another recognizes your hard work by means of a raise , promotion etc celebrate double! The shots are on me :).

Gotta have the classic black and white

Stay blessed xx

                                                            Peace&Love CeeTee
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  1. You can always give those shoes to dear friends, family..... and friends again just saying��

    1. hahahahaha mama faut arriver my closet is open! :)

  2. You are Special - U are unique :)


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