Saturday, July 9, 2016

Let Go

                                     "Open your hands...
                                                                          Then Let GO..."

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There are a million plus hard things in life that we all go through but about half of that is attributed to the fact that we can't LET GO. We are terribly attached to earthly goods that even as what we hold on to is cutting through the flesh of our palms, fear will not let us prosper. We are too scared of the unknown and that needs to change. The unknown once discovered can be a beautiful thing. Ditch familiarity and explore the plethora of options you have out there.

Holding on has led bonjours to be situationships, or a let me try becoming an addiction or just leading to plain horrible situations. Holding on reduces the ability of us to use our brains to think because a huge cloud of fear already sits above us and so considering anything else is a taboo. Holding on is stripping us of our STRENGTH, weakening our FAITH, holding on is killing us softly! (Did you just sing lauren hills song ? lol me too!). It's like a pack of cigarettes that says "Don't smoke it kills". There is a warning sign clearly written on it but yet you choose to go on. You gotta be able to help yourself first before another person can help you!

Always talking!
Whatever you are holding on to may in essence actually be pulling you back, depriving you of greatness, blocking your line (AKA depriving you of potentials) because you are associating yourself with something you shouldn't be meddling with. Yes! we go through life to witness lessons that we carry with us, but once you learn, MOVE ON. I'm sorry to say there is no PhD level in life lessons. Staying does not make you smarter! If anything your common sense is diminishing.

Maybe if I held this often and played the lottery?

                   " One of the hardest decisions you'll ever face in life
                                      is choosing whether to walk away or try harder" - Ziad Abdelnour

I am tired of addicts saying I can't live without this or that...If you want a change, make it happen. Sitting on your behind gets you nowhere. Better yet, individuals sitting pretty in a relationship that ended during the civil war because they dated only that one person for 7 years. Congratulations! you've done better than most of us but if the other person has moved on, shikina move too na. Is it not obvious? Ladies, listen! As you see these male species, they KNOW what they want when they see it. By it, I am also not referring to your twerking skills ( I might just be petty cause I can't twerk to save my life but there's still truth in it) but moving on. If they like you, they WILL make the time to see you. I don't care if they run a multibillion business Monday to Sunday they will create an 8th day for you. If they care, it will show! Pay attention to the details honey, if they cannot meet your standards, WALK. Then again I'm still single so what do I know *sips tea*. The exact same goes for friendship, because you've known them since you were in the womb does not guarantee anything! When they no longer prove their worth as friends, get up from the table and leave. This friend thing is being used really lightly. When a friendship is one-sided, it's void. Familiarize yourself with the word acquaintances!

As hard as it may be, it does get better. There will be a day where you look back. Trust me, I'll know. One too many times, I've had to Let go and Let God.

                                                          Peace&Love CeeTee
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  1. Great Bami...I am bac to reading and I so love the part thst says"...Let go and God"
    Well said hun

    1. Merci Bami! And thanks for always stopping by. xx


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