Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Self Full

                                  Taking care of yourself is not an extra thing to add to your to do list
                                                                                      It is the foundation of life. - Sarah Yost

I was watching a clip from Oprah's talk on OWN when a statement made on there really got to me. Btw if you do not know, know today that mama Oprah is everything and then some and THEN SOME again. cool? cool! Okay we can carry on Lol.

It talked about being Self Full. This can be very easily confused with being selfish but note that being self full is fueling yourself so that you can give. The more you have, the more you can give. You serve as nothing if you do not have. The phrase used is " My cup runneth over.." meaning what is in my cup is mine and what overflows is yours. If my cup is half full and I start to give from it then I starve myself and now we have two helpless people. I'll use the most common passion: love, to give an example. If you do not love yourself, you cannot love another human being. Period! If you're a size 15 and hate yourself but somehow convince yourself that if you get surgery and become a 4 with a cinched waist and bigger butt etc you will love yourself, you're lying to yourself. Yes you'll be Instagram famous and will have all these men and women (including me- matter of fact I'll screenshot your pic for gym motivation) calling you #goals but that's all it'll ever be. You would have attention but then you will be a drought and if you keep anything from this post, let it be this: The only people attracted to a drought are thirsty people. Once they get their fill, they're gone. A bon entendeur, Salut!

 I do not mean to pick on size but I think this is the most prevalent one seeing as we are fed everything and nothing via social media. We have to focus on the base, the foundation and everything else will resonate. I'm not against surgery matter of fact I have my own list lol but it's not because I don't love myself now and whatever I'll be doing will only be for me and not anyone else and definitely not for the wrong attention.

Same thing goes for faith. You cannot feed to another person what you do not have cause really what will you be talking about? I read my bible occasionally ( I should be reading it more, I know) so obviously I do not know it inside out. It will be a shame for me to sit and teach someone else about the bible. Now I can tell you to read it, we can talk about what we understand from different scriptures we read or I can refer you to where you will get the best insight for the bible because I know it is not me. My cup in that department does not run over, I'm trying to fill it up. I'm a working progress but just not there yet so to take someone under my wing will be to actually deprive them of what they should/could gain.

We also do not have it all. If you're great at A, B and C chances are you're managing D and struggling with E and that's okay. What you owe to the world is only your A and not you're entire being. No one's expecting you to be Mother Theresa, Oprah and Obama all in one. Just be you with no pressure to overwork yourself. Remember you can only give what you have plenty off.

I know I'll get attacked by saying this but if you have 2 shirts and your brother has none you should give them one. I agree! One shirt is all you need abi wash and wear?  2 of them and your cup is overflowing. 5 of them and we have a sea and so on. Now if you have one shirt and can't help your brother out, you'll find a way to get it done either via working and getting money or begging etc. Which is the work you'll be putting in to make your cup full. Same theory!
Happy girls are the prettiest :)

Without a solid foundation, you'll have trouble creating anything of value. #Staywoke and keep over filling your cup so that others may benefit of your purpose to life. Our job is to leave anything better than we found it and to make an impact on the permanent and passer bys in our lives. I'm fervently working on mine and I can only hope you're doing same.

I pray you find the courage to nurture you first.
S/N: Regardless of the people I meet in life, I can only hope that after me, they take away something good forever. For most it's simply the love of birthdays :). Everything happens for a reason. Everyone who walks into our lives is there at that moment for a reason. Some to stay and some just passing by. Keep the lessons and memories and let them go, so they maybe a lesson or a blessing to others.

                                                          Peace&Love CeeTee
4 comments on "Self Full"
  1. Ahh My closet !!! Bien dit. Une bonne 'entendeuse' (if that word exists!) Like you said ... lessons and blessings!!! Do not let temporal people be permanent :) They were there at the time for a reason, meanwhile treasure those who came & never left.

    1. We gotta remember to not mistake the permanent people for temporals either ;) this thing called life. xoxo

  2. Preah mama.I love this in the sense that u can't give what u don't have. If ur not happy with yourself, with your life thenow what happiness do u hope to give to others.


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